Saucony machine washable kids shoes

I'm Obsessed With These Saucony Toddler Shoes That Are *Machine-Washable* & Cute

I was not prepared for how adorable and fantastic toddler feet are. They look like tiny Hobbit feet pitter-pattering around the house. As for putting shoes on said adorable toddler feet — that’s a different story, and Saucony knows it. The new Saucony machine-washable kids shoes are designed to make the task of putting your kid’s shoes on a bit easier while also helping them learn to put their shoes on the correct feet. Oh, and key term here: machine-washable.

I need these Saucony Jazz Riff shoes, y'all. Some days my kid is obsessed with shoes and sits excitedly, wanting me to put them on quickly. Other days there’s a ton of kicking, wiggling, shimmying, and giggling from him and it takes me 10 minutes to get on his shoes. Once they are on, he kicks them off immediately when we get into the car. Sigh. Romper editor Samantha Darby was given a pair to try for her own toddler, and she says that the whole whipping-shoes-off-in-the-car is not so easy with these new Saucony Jazz Riffs. "These shoes have a strap design and a wide opening so you can slide that chubby toddler foot into the shoe quicker and easier, and it works," she says. "Bonus points: the shoes aren't very easy for tiny toddler hands to rip off." Saucony's website also describes the Jazz Riffs as accommodating for various foot shapes and sizes, with three different widths for all the different toddler feet.

"The Jazz Riff sneaker is designed to support proper foot development and optimal fit," Kate Cox, VP of product Kids Group of Wolverine Worldwide, tells Romper. "Features like extra flex grooves, a stretchy strap, and an extra wide opening are intentional to provide a secure fit for early walkers."

Samantha also says that each one of her daughter's shoes comes with a little smiley face tab to help kids learn which shoe goes on which foot. When the smiley faces are "smiling" at each other, toddlers know they've got their sneakers in the right order. (Samantha does not want to mention how many times her husband has put the children's shoes on the wrong feet, but this smiley thing is also a win for him.)

Then there's the food and the muddy puddles to talk about. Shoes that can just be thrown right into your washing machine when they get dirty are a lifesaver. And because these shoes are so cute, you won't feel the need to separate them as "dressy" shoes or "play" shoes. Knowing they can become clean and fit for society (and the old ladies in the grocery store) is such a win. I mean, The Jazz Riffs can't exactly stop your little one from tracking mysterious brown substances onto the carpet, but being able to wash the outsides is one problem down.