Schleich Horse Club advent calendar includes 24 toys

Giddy Up & Get This Horse Club Advent Calendar For Your Little Equine Enthusiast

Horse-lovers are in for a treat this Christmas. Schleich's Horse Club advent calendar is the perfect way to count down to the holiday for equine lovers of all ages.

The nice thing about this calendar is that it’s not just a random assortment of stuff. Every day you reveal a new piece that helps you put together a scene. You unveil not just a few horses, but also a dog, rabbit, a cute little cat, and more. You also get six pieces of a tiny fence, to build an enclosure where the new plastic friends can play. Not bad for $35.

The Horse Club calendar gets major bonus points for being something that can actually keep kids entertained. For parents who want to limit their kids' sugar consumption during a sweets filled holiday season, it's also a great alternative to calendars that dole out edible treats every day. It's practically a gift in and of itself, and it can even be the start of a collection, since Schleich, the company that makes it, offers lots of other playsets featuring highly detailed plastic animal figures. And in the meantime, these horses will no doubt be perfectly happy getting to know the other animal figures in your little one's toy collection (you know there are at least a few lying around somewhere).

The calendar is meant for ages 3 and up (some small pieces mean it’s a choking hazard for anyone younger). If the little one in your life isn’t into horses, Schleich also offers a dinosaur advent calendar, as well as a farm option for even more animal fun. Advent calendars sure have come a long way.