scruff-a-luv babies
Samantha Darby/Romper

Yeah, So It Just Doesn't Get Any Cuter Than These Scruff-A-Luvs Babies

It's easy to see why kids love Scruff-A-Luvs. The Moose Toys line of big-eyed abandoned animals in a range of colors Lisa Frank would be proud of are just, well, doggone darling. And the cuteness is compounded by the storyline behind them. Neglected toys in need of a home? Irresistible. In fact, we didn't believe the brand could produce anything cuter. Then they went ahead and unveiled Scruff-A-Luvs Babies.

Imagine the hot mess of fur that are Scruff-A-Luvs, but tinier and with pacifiers in their mouths and you have Scruff-A-Luvs Babies. Cue: "Awwww."

"They arrive as small balls of matted fur in baby cot carriers with a comb and new sippy cup," according to a Moose Toys press release. To reveal the adorable fluffy animals underneath, kids can use the sippy cup to feed their Scruff-a-Luvs Baby animal, then comb out the baby’s tangled fur and "turn them from Scruffy to Fluffy." The collection features 21 Scruff-a-Luvs Babies, but in no way are they limited to simply domesticated animals like your typical cats and dogs. Scruff-A-Luvs span the animal world spectrum from koalas and walrus to bunnies and bear cubs. In fact, there are six new species including a platypus, penguin, monkey, and more.

Each critter comes with one Scruff-a-Luv Baby with heart clip, a pet carrier, pacifier, comb, adoption certificate, and all important collector’s guide. And at $8 an animal, we won’t judge you if you succumb to your child’s desire to build their own Scruff-A-Luv menagerie.

Samantha Darby/Romper

Moose Toys says the babies are appropriate for children ages 4 to 8 and the new line will be available beginning in August. Might as well go ahead and start building your Scruff-A-Luv Baby zoo.