The Maternity Line Beloved By Kate Middleton Now Offers Organic Denim

Basically anything the Duchess of Cambridge wears sells out the moment she's photographed wearing it. From the gorgeous gowns she wears to special events to the flawless frocks she sports while caring for her three little ones, her effortlessly chic style is the pinnacle of polished motherhood looks. Even when dressing during her three pregnancies, Kate Middleton managed to look stylish and comfortable all at the same time. One of the brands she notoriously wore when pregnant with Prince Louis, Seraphine, has launched a line of organic Seraphine denim maternity jeans and if the Duke and Duchess decide to add a fourth kiddo to their crew, you can bet Middleton will rock a pair.

Middleton isn't the only noteworthy figure to wear the maternity clothing brand. Her sister Pippa Middleton, as well as celebrities Olivia Wilde, Kate Winslet, and Marion Cotillard have also been known to don Seraphine apparel during their own pregnancies. And now, not only can you wear the celeb favorite brand throughout your own pregnancy, but your bump can be cradled in soft, organic cotton to boot.

The new line includes four distinct jean styles all made with organic cotton and plenty of stretch to accommodate growing bodies that are housing growing humans. Both blue and black denim varieties are available in organic cotton, so that you can rock denim in either color to coordinate with a range of maternity tops. With two color options, you can easily look way more stylish than you might actually feel like during pregnancy. The ankle-length tapered cut looks ultra chic paired with flowy tops, but are just as stunning with a simple fitted tee.

Another amazing aspect of Seraphine's new organic denim maternity jeans is that both the blue and black options are available in styles that go over or underneath your bump. While either style will work for the entirety of your pregnancy, personal preference definitely comes into play when choosing over or under the bump organic denim jeans. I personally loved under the bump jean styles for early pregnancy, but definitely felt more secure in over the bump in my third trimester, so I can see why Seraphine's new line offering both is a true Godsend when it comes to maternity jeans.

Despite being made from organic cotton, each pair is priced comparably to Seraphine's original denim line, which ranges between $59 for a regularly priced pair of denim maternity shorts and $99 for stylish indigo-colored skinny maternity jeans. With the organic line, blue denim over the bump jeans will cost you $89, while the under the bump style is priced at $79. Black over the bump and under the bump styles run $79 and $75 respectively.

Not only has Seraphine rolled out four new jean styles with their organic cotton denim line, but they have also introduced eco-friendly packaging for all of their customers. Whether you purchase a pair of Seraphine's organic cotton maternity jeans, a fabulous maternity dress, or any number of their comfortable undergarments, your purchase will now be delivered packaged in Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper packaging. The FSC certification ensures that the paper packaging is sourced from either recycled materials or responsibly managed forests, so you can feel good not only about what you're wearing, but about the way your maternity wear is packaged as well.