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Shaming Pink For Drinking Coffee While Pregnant Is Not Okay, On Any Level

Pink can drink coffee and it's not your business, internet. I know what you're thinking: Wait, I thought everything was my business! Especially when it comes to parenting because, as the internet, I am naturally the world's most distinguished authority on raising small humans. Well, congratulations on being good parents, internet, but there is still this pesky little thing called free will and I, myself, am sort of jazzed about it. So when I see a bunch of mommy-shamers going after Pink for drinking coffee while pregnant (decaf, full-caf, half-caf, I don't care), it really gets my goat. Because we have bigger problems than going after Pink, internet. Like, Donald Trump is president of a whole country now.

A little background first: Pink, kick-ass mom, singer, and total True Original, posted this great pic of herself on Instagram cross-legged on the floor in front of her microwave (how the mommy-shamers didn't burn her at the stake for being in front of a microwave I will never know). She was microwaving a cup of decaf coffee. Pink, who is pregnant with her second child, captioned the photo, "When microwaving your decaf coffee becomes an excuse to sit on the floor and rest for a while...."

I don't love the fact that Pink had to qualify that her coffee was decaf; it sort of feels like saying, "No, I was really good, I swear. It wasn't real coffee, so it's OK!" Especially when she doesn't need to say that.

Except the mommy-shamers out there think Pink has some explaining to do, whether they were calling her out on her Instagram or when The Today Show shared her pic on their Facebook page. One Facebook user wrote:

Three doctors told me coffee is coffee, decaf or not… Feeding addictive stimulants to an unborn baby. Well, that’s your choice… I just stayed away from anything that may disturb my baby’s growth. A very worthwhile price so my baby can grow healthy and free of my not so healthy choices. My babies were so worth it. They come first, always. Hey, no ones [sic] place to judge. (Well, no one that doesn’t know you.) That’s your choice, and yours alone.

I especially enjoy the "hey, no ones place to judge" while actively judging. It wasn't just the coffee either; As suspected, the internet did not love her use of a microwave nor it's position so low to the ground. Not that the mommy-shamers use microwaves as such, but still. Too. Low. "Why is the microwave oven so low?" one commenter wrote. "I don't use mine that much but still, that would drive me crazy."

"It’s one thing that she’s drinking coffee but the second thing is that she microwaves which kills all and everything in the milk if she uses milk is not good for the baby," wrote another Facebook commenter.

So what did Pink have to say about all of the mommy shaming?

Enough, moms. Enough deciding for each other. Enough cyber finger-pointing (and also real life finger pointing though I have a sneaking suspicion that happens less). We all get to pick the way we live our lives. I know we should all be part of the collective, but we're not. Some of us moms eat spicy foods when we're pregnant. Some of us use microwaves, even ones that are close to the floor. And some of us even had a glass of wine when we were nursing our precious baby. That's right, a whole freaking glass of marvelous pinot grigio. And that baby is now a big boy, so you totally can't get me in trouble.

Deal with it.