Shanghai Disneyland is looking to reopen with some important modifications.
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Tickets For Shanghai Disneyland's Reopening Sold Out In Minutes, Of Course

It looks like people are really excited about getting back to the Happiest Place On Earth. Shanghai Disneyland sold out of tickets ahead of its May 11 modified reopening within minutes of going on sale. Because even if people are going to be experiencing Disneyland in a drastically changed way, they still want to go. No matter what.

Walt Disney resorts all over the world have been closed for months in an unprecedented effort to stop the spread of the coronavirus, but it looks like there might be a bit of light at the end of the tunnel in Shanghai at least. The resort was the first of the Disney parks to shutter its doors in January due to its proximity to Wuhan, China where COVID-19 originated. Now, Disney has announced that Shanghai Disneyland would reopen on May 11 with added safety precautions in place. Things like social distancing policies will be enforced, there'll be more frequent sanitization and disinfection, and visitor capacity will be reduced (visitors will also be required to have their temperature taken even before entering the park). Visitors will also be required to show their identification so park officials can check their personal QR code to see if they are "red" or "green" on the phone-based app that is required for travel during the pandemic. According to a Disney press release, "Only guests with a green Health QR Code will be allowed to enter the resort."

Guests are also being asked to wear a face mask "except when dining" during their visit, and certain popular features like parades, shows, and selfies with Disney characters will remain closed for now. Still... it seems people are excited to get back to the park, even with fewer amenities.

Tickets to get into Shanghai Disneyland went on sale on Friday morning around 8 o'clock EST and were sold out within moments, according to the website. Of course it makes sense considering only one-third of the park's normally 80,000 person capacity will be allowed through the doors, which makes it easier to sell out, even at $56 for a standard weekday pass and $70 for a weekend pass.


Once opening day tickets sold out, more days during opening week sold out as well. That's probably good news for Disney, which expects to see $1.4 billion in lost revenue in the second quarter of 2020, as per NPR.

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Shanghai has been working towards getting back to normal in recent weeks as the number of cases of coronavirus in China have seen a dramatic drop. It will certainly be worth watching Shanghai Disneyland's reopening to see if the measures taken will keep guests safe... and happy.