Shay Mitchell Shares Video Of Her "Intense" 33-Hour Labor With Baby No. 1

Maybe I'm biased due to my love for Pretty Little Liars, but Shay Mitchell is one of the most relatable moms out there. Not only was Mitchell transparent throughout her entire pregnancy journey (highlighting the ups and downs), she was also open about her delivery fears. So I'm not surprised Shay Mitchell shared her labor and delivery video with fans, as she has been candid from the jump. Speaking of candid, the video shows Mitchell praising her adult diapers, her difficult labor, and it reveals whether she got an epidural.

Mitchell took to Instagram Sunday to announce the arrival of her daughter, writing, "Never letting go..." alongside a snap of the actor clasping her baby's tiny hand. It's not year clear what Mitchell named her little one, but fans do have some insight into how the delivery went, as the new mom shared her birth video to her YouTube channel, "Almost Ready."

"The past nine months has been more than I ever imagined. Pregnancy has been one of the most exciting, challenging and physically demanding things I've ever done," she captioned the episode description. "It's brought a new meaning to family and my partnership with Matte - I've watch my daughter develop and grow and now I'm READY to meet her!"

The video starts out with Mitchell realizing her water broke, a sensation that led her to make some hilarious facial expressions. "Oh my god my water's breaking ... for sh*t," she says while filming herself. "Thank god I'm wearing these diapers."

Next viewers see Mitchell en route to the hospital, apparently surprised she wasn't able to labor at home for longer. And she expressed some concern about not being able to feel her daughter move in that moment, as the last time she felt that amount of pain was "not a good experience."

Luckily, Mitchell's daughter is OK, but the labor is taking longer than she expected. And a little over 17 hours amid some painful contractions, the Béis owner decides to get an epidural. This was a big point of contention between her and her partner, Matte Babel, in the past. Although he was initially against it, Babel showed his support by wearing a "No ovaries, no opinion" t-shirt.

At 30 hours, Mitchell starts to experiencing shaking, a common pre-delivery symptom, per a nurse in the room. Then finally at 33 hours, the actor is able to start pushing, noting she's feeling "a lot of pressure." And after some pushing, the video cuts to black as her baby's cries fill the room. "Matte and I are parents," Mitchell says at the end of the video while holding her newborn girl. "I can't believe it."

I have to commend Mitchell for being so open up about this experience, as her transparency could help someone who might be nervous about giving birth. And although no pregnant person is under any obligation to share these details, it's nice the new mom chose to share her journey with fans. Congrats again, mama!