silly poopy's hide & seek

Your Kids Will Probably Definitely Like This Singing Rainbow Poop Game

Normally, you wouldn’t want to encourage your kid to play with their poop. But you won’t mind them touching a turd when they play with Silly Poopy’s Hide & Seek, a game that kids are pretty much programmed to love, as it involves the aforementioned poop.

For a game with this theme, Silly Poopy’s Hide & Seek isn't as stinky as you'd expect. For one thing, the poop is rainbow-colored, and not, you know, brown. And with those big eyes and happy smile, you can’t help but think it's kinda cute.

Here’s how the game goes: with a flip of a switch, Silly Poopy turns on, and is ready to play. One child hides the toy, and then presses the Silly Poopy button. The other child tries to find the toy in typical hide-and-seek fashion. Now, a game about poop wouldn’t be complete without some fantastic farting sounds, and Silly Poopy has toots a-plenty. When the poop is discovered, press the button again, and a dance party starts as the toy lights up and sings.

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Silly Poopy, the first toy for kids made from What Do You Meme?, will definitely entertain players of all ages. (After all, have you ever met a kid who didn’t crack up at a fart joke?) But, who knows? It might even help those kiddos who flat-out refuse to potty train. You could even place the Silly Poopy in your child’s potty as a way to coax them into making their own (after removing the toy from the potty first, of course). And then you could play the silly song as a reward — or bribe them with candy. Whatever works for you.