'Sisters' Isn't Even In Theaters Yet & The Gifs Have Taken Over

by Chrissy Bobic

Amy Poehler and Tina Fey's latest duo project 'Sister' isn't set to premiere in theaters until December 18, but the 'Sister' gifs have already begun making their rounds on the internet, thanks to the trailer which I've admittedly already watched like 10 times. In what I expect to be one of those comedies where I'm constantly blotting my eyes from the tears of laughter, Poehler and Fey play sisters intent on throwing one last house party in their childhood home before their parents sell it. But like anything that isn't all genital jokes, 'Sisters' is expected to be something of a coming of age comedy for these sisters, while one (Poehler) is divorced and a little uptight and the other (Fey) is a party girl who never really stopped partying. So basically, their 'Baby Mama' characters, but reversed. And that's kind of what I love about it. I'd probably watch a movie about them throwing feces at each other if it meant seeing the two 'SNL' alums together, but 'Sisters' does bring a little extra to their usual roles together.

And yeah, the internet has noticed that and then some. Thanks to the trailer, which shows a few other funny people we love like Ike Barinholtz and Maya Rudolph, has afforded peeps the ability to save the funniest moments forever in memes and gifs to be enjoyed until we see the movie multiple times in the theater.

That wasn't a joke. I already plan on multiple theater exucrsions for these ladies who pretty much kill it in everything they do together. Until then, though, let's just enjoy these internet treats to psych us up for 'Sisters', eh?