Kim Kardashian West's SKIMs shapewear line now includes Maternity pieces

Kim Kardashian West's SKIMS Now Offers Maternity Options & Support You, They Will

One aspect of maternity wear oftentimes gets overlooked: underwear. With the launch of Kim Kardashian West's SKIMS Maternity Solutionwear collection, which includes underwear, bras, tights, and more, pregnant people now have way more options for foundation garments.

There are 5 pieces in SKIMS' new maternity line. Featuring soft bralettes (that'll also work for nursing later on), full-coverage briefs, bodysuits, shorts, and 3/4-length tights, all the new pieces are designed to grow with your pregnant body (and not drastically change it), whether you're in the first trimester or basically preparing for delivery. Each piece is available in 9 shades and in sizes XXS to 4X, with prices ranging from $34 to $68 per item.

Despite the nature of shapewear, it's worth noting that this line of undergarments isn't meant to change your body. While the collection will "sculpt" and "shape," it isn't about compressing your body. "We created this category in response to the tens of thousands of pregnant women and customers that wrote to us requesting maternity styles. Designed to support and never to slim, the collection provides comfort and an added layer of support to a woman’s silhouette during a time when we need it most, during and after pregnancy,” Kardashian West said in a press release announcing the new line.

No one expects you to squeeze into support-wear every day (unless the doctor advises it). But for those moments when you know you're going to have to be on your feet for a while, wearing supportive layers, especially as your pregnancy progresses, can make a difference, and your back will thank you for it later.