I Absolutely Can *Not* With How Cute The New Skip Hop Narwhal & Dragon Backpacks Are

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I've never really found myself to be a brand loyalist, but when it comes to my girls, there are a few companies I would follow straight off a cliff. OK, that's a little much, but you know what I mean. Sometimes there are just brands that get you and for my family, Skip Hop is one of those brands. Since my 4-year-old was just a toddler, she's rocked a Skip Hop unicorn backpack, and this last year of preschool saw her sporting a Skip Hop bat lunch bag. So hearing that Skip Hop narwhal and dragon items are officially a thing? Guys. Skip Hop just gets me. And more importantly, they get my kid.

Skip Hop is a huge brand, but their zoo collections featuring everything from backpacks to water bottles and lunch bags are my favorite. And now? Those sweet little accessories come in a dragon collection and a narwhal collection. Pure magic. The dragon features a bright color palette that means you'll be able to spot your kid with ease as they run past you at the park, and the narwhal has — legit — the cutest horn ever and a sweet, pastel look. Like all of the Skip Hop zoo products, these ones feature amazing details. I think my favorite is the narwhal horn (obvi) and those dragon wings. And the teeth! Good golly, who knew dragon teeth were so cute.

Skip Hop

But trust — these items are more than just adorable. Skip Hop products are made to last. Remember when I mentioned my 4-year-old's unicorn bag? She literally got that bag for her second birthday. She's now two months away from turning 5 and still uses it regularly. It has tons of storage, and honestly you could use these bags for anything. A quick diaper bag, a school bag, a dance bag, a travel bag — the options are there because of the features. A front pouch with zipper gave us easy access to kid utensils when we took her to restaurants, as well as crayons and stickers for idle hands. The mesh side pocket is perfect for a water bottle (obviously a zoo collection one), and inside of the bag has a spot to write your child's name and is easily cleaned thanks to the liner.

Guys, the tiny flames on the zippers. I can not.

Our family has also fallen in love with the Skip Hop lunch bags. My girl took a Skip Hop bat lunch bag to school every day this entire year, and the bag's still in great shape. It has the perfect little mesh bag on the inside for spoons and other treats, and it's just as easy to clean as the backpacks. The lunch bag is also insulated, and I'm no scientist, but my kid's never complained about her lunch's temperature. (And trust me. She's very particular.) Bonus: it holds all those other great zoo accessories with ease.

Basically? Our fam is 100 percent obsessed with the Skip Hop Zoo Collection. And these new additions are quickly becoming favorites. I mean, the narwhal bag means you have to say "Bye, Buddy! Hope you find your dad!" every time you pack a lunch, and the dragon one says "I'm like a Targaryen. But nicer." Isn't that all we want in life?

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