Hi Hello, We Have To Talk About This Skip Hop Diaper Bag Made Out Of Recycled Bottles

It took me months to decide on a diaper bag when I was pregnant with my first born, and then I wasted even more time looking for a new bag a year and a half later when pregnant with baby number two because my first bag literally fell apart. Even with plenty of options on the market, few bags had everything I was looking for. They were either too small, too heavy, made from a hard-to-clean material, or had any number of inexcusable flaws. I can almost guarantee you that if the Skip Hop's Go Envi Eco-Friendly Diaper Backpack had been available all those years ago, I would have gladly purchased one.

The main fabric is made from recycled plastic water bottles, making this bag an eco-friendly choice that parents everywhere can feel good about. Helping the planet while taking care of your baby and looking stylish? Sign me up, please. The sustainable material is durable and wipes clean with ease, which is an absolute blessing for parents of babies prone to blowouts and spit-up.

Trimmed in vegan leather, this diaper bag looks ultra chic despite the sporty backpack design. It is currently only available in gray blue and features tan colored accents, but the neutral color scheme lends itself to use by both mom and dad. Even though some dads say they don't mind carrying around a pink floral diaper bag, I would be willing to bet that they'll feel even better about sporting this neutral backpack instead.

The large center compartment is ideal for holding every single thing your baby might need when you're on the go — wipes, food, extra clothes, diapers, etc. You'll find a whopping six additional pockets throughout the bag, including a front zipper compartment great for placing smaller personal items you need to access quickly like your phone or wallet, and two hidden stretchy bottle holders. A zippered compartment at the back of the bag fits a 15-inch laptop, so if you need to bring along some work to finish up in the waiting room of your baby's next checkup, you won't have to carry an extra bag with you.

Overall, the backpack measures 12.5 x 7.5 x 15.5 inches and weighs in at merely 1.65 pounds, so it's large enough to hold all of the necessities, but lightweight enough to not add a bunch of bulk to the heft of everything you'll need to put in it for your baby. Included with the Go Envi backpack is an eco-friendly reusable food tower perfect for storing snacks for baby (or for yourself because snacks are life) and a machine washable changing pad.

The padded backpack-style straps are also completely adjustable, and there is even a convenient handle at the top of the bag so that you can easily transport (aka toss) it in and out of your car. While you're out and about using a stroller, you also have the option to hang the Go Envi bag onto your baby's stroller by the built-in stroller straps.

The Go Envi Diaper Backpack is currently available for purchase online on the Skip Hop website and retails for $80. The website offers free shipping on orders over $35, so you can definitely save a few bucks there when you order this stylishly functional and environmentally-friendly diaper bag.