Um Y'all, The Skip Hop Diaper Pail Uses *Standard* Trash Bags & It's Just Genius

When I was pregnant with my oldest son, I registered for a standard diaper trashcan. As a first-time mom, I was convinced that a magical pail to store dirty diapers was a must-have — and it is — but thanks to this new Skip Hop diaper pail, the dirty diaper storage game has been changed for good.

Having a diaper storage system that only allows for a specific size bag that you have to purchase separately (not to mention frequently) and has a confusing interlocking ring system that an exhausted new mom can barely untangle — let alone change in the middle of the night when the pail is full — is ridiculously inconvenient. No longer will parents have to make emergency runs to the store for diaper pail bags. The Skip Hop Nursery Style Diaper Pail helps new parents wade through a sea of stinky diapers with ease and can be used with any standard size kitchen trash bag. The genius person at Skip Hop who came up with this design deserves a standing ovation from frustrated parents everywhere.

Not only is this diaper pail easy-to-use, but it is also odor-resistant. The sleek stainless steel design features a dual air lock system that keeps the stench trapped within so that your baby's room will never smell like anything other than fresh, newborn goodness once diapers are stowed away inside. Simply press down on the top of the pail to open the lid, place the dirty diaper in the top compartment and when the lid closes, press one button and the air lock compartment will release the dirty diaper into the bag below to keep odors sealed away.

Because of the slender design, this diaper pail can be slid up against the side of a changing table or next to the wall so that it stays out of the way, but is convenient for diaper disposal. It also features a child-proof lock so that mischievous toddlers can't open the pail and release an unsightly mess of dirty diapers into a clean nursery.

Another added convenience of the Skip Hop diaper pail is the built-in storage compartment where parents can keep all of their diaper changing essentials within arm's reach. This is especially helpful when it comes time to change a diaper blowout on a wiggly little one that you basically have to hold down with all four of your appendages to prevent a catastrophic mess from ensuing. You can use the space to stash fresh diapers or go all out and invest in a Skip Hop Nursery Style Wipes Holder to keep your wipes neatly organized atop your diaper pail.

And if your baby happens to kick the diaper from that blowout I mentioned earlier directly onto the diaper pail despite your superhuman attempts to control the situation, the stainless steel exterior of the Skip Hop diaper pail can be wiped clean and sanitized if needed. Trust me, when you baby starts crawling around their room and putting their hands (and mouth) all over everything in their path, you're going to be so grateful that you can sanitize the pail where the poop goes.

The Skip Hop Nursery Style Diaper Pail is currently available for purchase on the Skip Hop website and can be delivered right to your door. It comes pretty much completely assembled, save for the kickstand stabilizer that just needs to be screwed into the bottom to keep the pail from tipping over. If you're going to be investing in a diaper pail of sorts anyway, why not order one that looks great, is easy-to-use, and helps keep odors from dirty diapers from escaping out into your baby's room?