Skip Hop Now Has Toys For Toddlers & Preschoolers, & I Need That Puppy Barista Set

Finding kid toys that are both engaging and entertaining can be a challenge. These days, it's almost like everything is either too flashy and complicated or isn't really something preschoolers and toddlers actually want to play with for more than a few minutes. Skip Hop's new toy collection is thoughtfully designed to eliminate the challenges parents often face when looking for age-appropriate, stimulating, and creative toys.

Whether your child is into playing games, pretend food play, or just needs a good, old-fashioned rolling toy that will keep their minds and hands occupied, Skip Hop has it. From a cupcake-building set that magically changes colors to a puppy-themed coffee bar that dispenses pretend coffee pods, these toys are great for imaginative play.

New and improved plush toys designs with sensory stimulation built right in are ideal for teething tots, while preschoolers can build brain power playing games like the animal-themed memory match. The variety here means this collection has something for every kid.

Several of these interactive toys are currently available for purchase on the Skip Hop website, with a select few available for pre-order on Amazon with a release date set for July 1. Read on to learn all about the toys in this fun new collection.

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Zoo Bark-ista Coffee Set

If you're already a fan of the Zoo collection from Skip Hop (really, who doesn't love their classic animal-shaped backpacks?), snagging this Bark-ista coffee set for your kids to play pretend coffee shop with is a no-brainer. The set includes a dog-themed coffee maker adorned with adorable little puppy ears on top and a bone-shaped base.

The set retails for $40 and includes cups, pretend donuts, and even faux foam-topped latte discs that drop from the working dispenser. Your kids can now give Starbucks a run for their money.


Zoo Sort & Stack Cupcakes

Master bakers-in-training can craft their very own cupcake creations with Skip Hop's Zoo Sort & Stack Cupcakes. The set includes four cupcakes, four icings, four liners, and four animal toppers that kids can mix and match, as well as a tiered stand to display their confections on.

The best part of this set though is the magic icing bag that makes the cupcake "icing" change colors! Simply fill the bag with cold water, squirt on the icing toppers, and watch with wonder as the colors change.


Zoo What's For Lunch Game

This memory game is perfect for helping your preschooler or toddler learn how to take turns, exercise their fine motor skills, and practice matching. Players take turns rolling dice to fill their lunch bag with fruits, veggies, sandwiches, and drinks, and the first player to fill their bag wins.

This simple, yet adorable Skip Hop game is currently available for pre-order on Amazon with a July 1 release date.


Bandana Buddies

Skip Hop's collection of Bandana Buddies is perfect for little ones who need a bit of sensory stimulation to keep their hands and mouths occupied. The soft toys have crinkle details, textured teething areas, a rattle ring, and plenty of interesting patterns and colors to keep your child engaged.

Bandana Buddies are available in elephant, deer, dinosaur, fox, and unicorn design, as well as new llama and flamingo styles. Each toy features a top clip that can be attached to a stroller or carrier, and can also be worn around a caregiver's wrist.


Zoo Crew Matching Game

If you haven't yet introduced your kids to the challenge of a traditional matching game, this set is the perfect one to start with. The Zoo Crew Matching Game will challenge your child's memory skills with depictions of the same adorable Skip Hop Zoo animals they know and love.

This game is currently available for pre-order on Amazon with a July 1 release date.


Zoo La Llama Microphone

If your kid just loves putting on a show, they absolutely need this llama-themed microphone for their next at-home performance. The battery operated microphone actually amplifies the sound of their voice when they're singing their heart out. Standing only 7 inches tall and about 2 inches in diameter, this fun toy is easy for little rockstars to hold.

The Zoo La Llama Microphone is currently available for pre-order on Amazon with a July 1 release date.


Farmstand Pod Squad Car

If you're looking for a simple, fun way to get your little one engaged in playing with rolling toys, the Farmstand Pod Squad Car is the perfect introduction to toy cars. The smiling green peas inside of the pod-shaped vehicle pop, bop, spin, and roll when the wheels are rolled on the ground to help keep kids engaged and entertained.


Jitter Cactus

This cute little plush cactus looks so friendly and inviting, any little one would jump at the chance to get their hands on it — especially once they pull the ring to discover that the potted plant shakes and rattles as the pull string is drawn back inside. Attach the top ring to your child's stroller or carrier and watch as they giggle at this adorable toy.

Skip Hop's Jitter Cactus is currently available for pre-order on Amazon with a July 1 release date.


Farmstand Soft Activity Book

To help get your little one interested in books at an early age, an interactive plush-style book like Skip Hop's Farmstand Soft Activity Book is a great place to start. It's filled with engaging sensory activities like crinkle pages, a baby-safe mirrored page, and a peek-a-boo hole for plenty of interactive play all with a garden theme.

The Farmstand Soft Activity Book is currently available for pre-order on Amazon with a July 1 release date.