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Snooki's First Bump Photo Reveals How Far Along She Is With Baby Number 3

In case you've been too busy finishing up that last bit of holiday shopping and getting through the last few weeks of school before your kids' winter break, Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi recently announced she's pregnant. Yep, baby number three is on the way! The Jersey Shore reality TV star revealed she's expecting her third child on Nov. 22 — probably when most people were still preoccupied eating turkey or getting a jump-start on Black Friday shopping. And although she didn't share her due date at the time, her newest update gives fans a pretty decent clue. That's because Snooki's first bump photo reveals how far along she is with baby number three.

Just to catch you up to speed, Polizzi and her husband Jionni LaVallle are already parents to a 6-year-old son, Lorenzo, and a 4-year-old daughter, Giovanna. Snooki announced they were expecting their third child on Thanksgiving Day with a series of adorable photos, ET Online reported. "What I’m thankful for this Thanksgiving ❤️ 🙏🏽#family," she captioned an Instagram post, which featured photos of Lorenzo and Giovanna holding a sonogram. Polizzi's followers were clearly thrilled for her and her growing family. At the same time, plenty of them also wondered: When is Snooki's due date?

Fans had to wait almost a full month for this tidbit of information; but now, the cat's out of the bag. On Monday, Dec. 17, Snooki again took to Instagram to share her first official bump photo of this pregnancy, Life & Style reported. Alongside a mirror selfie of herself wearing form-fitting pants and exposing her bare bump, she wrote, "MAWMA. #nugget3 #blessed #15weeks."

Hmmm, so let's do the math, shall we? Let's say Snooki is 15 weeks on the dot today. That would put her due date — or the 40-week mark — on June 10. So it's probably safe to say Polizzi will become a mom of three sometime in early-to-mid June, 2019. (So exciting!) Her fans were obviously thrilled, too. One Instagram user wrote, "Omg!! Im so happy for you😊. And you look beautiful❤"

Another follower commented, "You look fantastic for being 15 weeks pregnant!! What’s your secret?"

Yet another person chimed in with, "You look fabulous @snooki 😍 hoping you get a break from your pregnancy sickness soon 😘."

Now that fans finally know how far along Snooki is, you might also be wondering whether she's expecting a boy or a girl. The good news is, she's already spilled the beans on this one. On Dec. 13, she revealed the sex of baby number three with a sweet YouTube video, Cosmopolitan reported. Lorenzo did the honors of hitting a baseball that exploded into a cloud of blue smoke. It's a boy!

Even though Snooki has now confirmed she's in her second trimester of pregnancy, it appears she's still suffering from nausea and vomiting. (Which isn't uncommon, according to BabyCenter; it's just zero fun.) As E! Online reported, Snooki shared a photo of herself hunched over a toilet on Saturday, Dec. 15, writing, "Happy Friday!#PregnantProblems #JesusTakeTheWheel #CouldI😞."

Hopefully, Snooki's toilet-hugging days are numbered — and she'll soon be able to enjoy the second trimester without feeling pukey around the clock. (Feel better soon, mama.) And congrats, again, on your little June bug on the way!

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