Still Novel's Signature Art Print Is More Than A Photo — It's The Story Of Your Baby

Living in the digital age, it's not uncommon for most — if not all — of our favorite photos to simply be posted to social media and then, sadly, forgotten about. Even when you do get some photos printed, it's hard to keep them organized and to create the keepsakes that hold onto the tiny details of your favorite memories. Like the day you became a mom — who can remember every single moment of that, no matter how much you want to? Instead of creating scrapbooks for all your favorite memories, highlight them with some of these stunning personalized Signature Art Prints from Still Novel. These prints are so incredible and so enriching, that you'll feel like you're right there again, soaking up that special moment.

If you don't know about Still Novel, then you need to check out this mom-owned company as soon as possible. The company is known for their print designs, which will highlight your more sacred memories and brighten up your living space. These are more than just photos — these are experiences right there on your walls for everyone to see. Still Novel just launched this year and was founded by entrepreneurs and moms Tiffany Peña and Edyn Elliott-Barber who wanted to find a way to create lasting memories from their photos in the fleeting social media age. Rather than hopping onto Facebook to relieve your favorite moments, Peña and Elliott-Barber have created a way to combine attractive design and complete customization into meaningful products for you and your loved ones. So your photos aren't just printed — they're brought to life.

The Signature Art Print is the perfect gift because it highlights the day your little one was brought into this world in a completely customized picturesque way. The Signature Art Print tells the story of your child and their birthday by combining your favorite photo and graphic design to create a personalized piece that will surely be the new favorite on your wall. There's your child's astrology details, birth place, birth details, the moon phase, and more. It's not just a picture of your child — it's the story of the day they were born.

This 16x20 print is made with premium materials, so you know it's great quality — none of those low quality prints that you get when you print your photos at the local drug store. Still Novel actually allows you to choose from two print styles with professional photo filters and a variety of choice colors for a fully customized look. You even have the option to get your print framed for just $180 or unframed for only $60 to $100, depending on your customization choices. Creating your art piece is easy too. With just a few simple clicks, your new favorite photo will be on its way to liven up your home.

There are so many options to choose from too, so you can create the perfect memory to brighten your home or bring the joy to that special grandma (because you know your children are her absolute pride and joy anyway). Whichever you choose, you can bring your photos to life thanks to Still Novel and create an heirloom piece for your family.