These 'Storybots' Toys Are Helping Kids Get "Super Smart" — FIRST LOOK

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Balancing screen time and active play for kids is sort of like an intricate dance that parents (myself included) haven't quite mastered all of the steps to yet, so it's exciting when interactive toys featuring television characters bridge the gap between the screen real life. These five new StoryBots toys from Fisher-Price will do just that, and your kids are going to love playing with them just as much as they love watching the Netflix show.

An educational show that also hold a child's attention is the rare entertainment gem that busy parents hold almost as near and dear as their morning cup(s) of coffee. My own kids can watch StoryBots on repeat and I don't feel bad about it because they're learning so much from the tiny creatures living inside computer parts. Now, Beep, Bing, Bang, Boop, and Bo are coming at your kids in a whole new way through interactive toys that encourage creativity and help your kids continue learning long after the episode is over.

Each toy is suited for kids ages 3 and up, and there is a different toy for every type of play your child might want to engage in. From a guitar that teaches the letters of the alphabet to a pack of figurines that encourages imaginative play, each toy brings something different to the table. Read on to see the new StoryBots toys your kids will go crazy over when they hit stores in fall 2020.


Fisher-Price 'StoryBots' A to Z Rockstar Guitar

If your kids have ever watched the Netflix original series, you know that the show's theme song is notoriously catchy and will likely get stuck in your head for approximately 29 hours after hearing it, but the educational aspect is totally worth it. It is unclear if the A to Z Rockstar Guitar will play that specific earworm or not, but what it will do is help your kids learn the letters of the alphabet.

The guitar, which will retail for $25, also promises to play fun StoryBots tunes so that your kids can move and groove along with the music as they carry the child-sized instrument slung over their shoulder like an absolute rock star.


Fisher-Price 'StoryBots' Slide Writer

When you need to keep your kids entertained with a bit of screen time, but want to feel like they're learning something and not just staring endlessly into space all glazed over, a show like StoryBots fits the bill. The StoryBots Slide Writer adds yet another learning layer to your kid's favorite show by encouraging them to write, spell, and draw with the board's magnetic stylus.

Moveable letters around the board can be arranged to spell letters that your child can copy down to practice their handwriting skills or learn new words. Then, they can erase their work with one quick swipe and start all over again with a new word or drawing, giving them the freedom to create over and over again with ease. The Slide Writer will retail for $20 and provide your child with endless learning opportunities.


Fisher-Price 'StoryBots' Plush

If your kids love singing and dancing along with the StoryBots on screen, they will surely enjoy having a plush version of their favorite character to play with IRL. The soft plush toy plays a fun song and says different phrases when squeezed — something kids usually can't get enough of. (Here's to hoping you won't want to "accidentally" lose the voice box of this one.) The plush will retail for $8 and your child can squeeze it over and over again while they watch the same cute bots on screen.


Fisher-Price 'StoryBots' Figure Pack

If your child loves to engage in pretend play, they will surely enjoy welcoming these five StoryBots figurines into their imaginative world. Straight out of their home underneath the computer screen in the show, Beep, Bing, Bang, Boop, and Bo, also known as Team 341-B, can now live in your kid's room (or under your couch) and join your child on adventures near and far. Retailing for $10, these pint-sized bots are sure to be a hit with fans of the show.


Fisher-Price 'StoryBots' Songbook

Watching StoryBots in my house usually always involves my kids singing and dancing to the random songs about electric charges and the water cycle that the bots sing on the show. Now, kids can engage with songs from the show about body parts, dinosaurs, and space, and learn the facts about these topics in a fun, screen-free way. Retailing for $15, the StoryBots Songbook features easy-to-press buttons and interactive elements that encourage kids to keep learning even after the show is over.

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