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These Super Bowl TV Sales Are *Huge,* & Will Make You Want To Throw A Party ASAP

It's hard to believe, that the Super Bowl is just weeks away, where the Rams will play the Patriots to determine who's the best team in the nation. All over the country, people will be hosting Super Bowl parties and watching the big game on their big screen televisions and digging into chicken wings and spinach artichoke dip. Because this is such a popular time of year to gather around the television, sales are everywhere — including electronics to perfect your game viewing. The best TV sales for your Super Bowl party are just a few clicks away.

Whether you're watching the big game or the Oscars, it's important that you're getting a quality viewing experience. Just last year, about this time, my husband and I bought our first new television in ten years. I did what I always do, which means I dove into heavy duty research. I found the best models and what everything meant, and then I searched each store both online and in the brick and mortar location. The only thing I didn't choose was the size. My husband was dead set on the 65" model, whereas I wanted something considerably smaller. I lost that round, but now, I can't imagine watching Game of Thrones on anything smaller. Khaleesi deserves the big screen. That scene between her and nephew Jon Snow? Maybe not as much.


LG Smart TV 75"

This is a larger version of the television that I own. (Don't tell my husband or else we'll end up with a giant TV in the bedroom.) It's amazing. It comes with Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu already installed, and it's a cinch to go back and forth between apps and cable. The screen is so crystal clear it almost looks fake.



What better place to buy your television than where you also buy your pigs in a blanket, Super Bowl snacks, and giant cheesecakes? Plus, when you buy a television at Costco, you also get a free second year warranty. And pro tip: if you are buying a television or other big ticket item from Costco, and you shop there regularly, upgrade your membership first. It's an additional $70, but for every purchase you'll get 2 percent cash back up to $1000. Mine easily pays for itself every year.


Toshiba Fire Edition

This Toshiba is already powered by the same technology that works in your Kindle Fire, and it's surprisingly affordable for a pretty large screen. Plus, it will be at your house in two days, and the returns are really easy if you decide you don't like it.



Consistently highly rated across all stores, this model is slightly smaller than the first at 65", but trust me when I tell you, it's a pretty big television. Everything feels larger than life on a TV that big, and it's kind of awesome. I could practically feel Paul Hollywood shake hands with bakers on The Great British Baking Show on this TV.


Samsung 55"

As per their description, you can expect that you will "enjoy millions of shades of color, fine-tuned to create an incredibly vibrant picture with PurColor." Now, I don't know what PurColor is — and to be honest, had I heard of it before I would think it's something about lip color — but it sounds like something I want. Because I am going to need to see Bradley Cooper perform with Lady Gaga in "PurColor."



Costco has the market cornered on televisions. This Vizio is a killer smart model that will surely let you see what Tom Brady does or does not do with his football. (I hear that's crucial.) At 65" it's plenty big enough to let you feel like you're in a theater, but not so huge that it overwhelms the room.



This discount cannot be beat. For the value, size, and metrics, you simply won't find a better deal. Walmart is really bringing it home with this one, and it's an energy saving television, which means it will be cheaper to run than many others.