Sydney Said Goodbye To 'The Bachelor' After An Emotional Talk With Colton

by Gillian Walters

Colton Underwood's season of The Bachelor has been off to a rocky start. Not only is the dramatic fence jump looming in the horizon, but one of the contestants, Elyse, eliminated herself during episode 5. Unfortunately for Colton, Sydney left The Bachelor in a similar fashion to Elyse, which probably came as another blow to his ego. The guy can't catch a break, right?

It's not uncommon for a contestant to leave The Bachelor mid-filming once they realize that the format of the show isn't a good fit for them. Elyse dealt with this issue last Monday, Feb. 4, telling Colton that she couldn't bear to seem him date other women, which is literally the premise of the show.

"You want something [and] I can't promise I will get there… there are a lot of girls that are dying for that opportunity… I like you," she explained. "I think that's crazy obvious when we’re together. [But] I listen to these girls talk about how much they're falling in love with you."

Colton was understandably upset, complaining, according to USA Today: "For someone to just give up on me, give up on us, is confusing."

Monday night's episode on Feb. 11 didn't get any easier for Colton, as Sydney eliminated herself mid-episode. Yep, Sydney bounced.

The exit went down after Sydney talked to Colton about "changes" he needed to make.

"Some girls, like Demi and Hannah B., they're not as ready for marriage, and if that's what he wants, then great. But I want to be very clear: in order for him to find his wife, he's got to make a lot of changes, and hopefully he can hear me and understand what I'm actually saying to him," Sydney said in a conversation before the confessional, according to Entertainment Tonight. "If not, I gotta go."

I know contestants like Sydney want validation, but nine times out of ten it's not going to end well if you demand something from a virtual stranger, which Colton is to her at this point. Colton doesn't owe anything to Sydney, so her giving him an ultimatum is a recipe for disaster.

Once Sydney got the chance to talk to Colton, she unleashed her thoughts about his supposed actions.

"My fear though, also, is the choices that you're making. You're taking a lot of easier choices with the people that you are pursuing," she told him. "I want something real and I want something magical and I want other things that you're looking for. There are some very wonderful people in that group. Figure out what you came here to find. Don't be distracted by shiny things, especially now."

Eek. Colton, who admitted to Sydney that he doesn't have it all figured out, didn't give her the answer she was looking for. And sure enough, Sydney bailed as promised.

Viewers are understandably puzzled by Sydney's departure because she didn't have much of a presence on the show up until now. All of the drama seemed to come out of nowhere?

"Am I the only one who feels nothing watching Sydney walk away??" someone tweeted.

Another person chimed in: "Did anyone else not know who Sydney was until tonight?"

"Does Colton even know who Sydney is?" a commenter wrote. "Is this the first time they have talked?"

Others, however, applauded Sydney for speaking her truth.

"We stan an assertive, decisive woman!" one person tweeted. "Sydney’s asking for full transparency and vision of their relationship is a great reminder that it’s just as much their journey as it is Colton’s.

"Tbh I respect Sydney for that," someone else argued. "She could tell he wasn’t into her so she decided not to waste her time."

Colton might not have been too thrilled to see Sydney go, but the upside is he has plenty of women left to pursue. C'est la vie.