Oh My Ghoul, Target's New Halloween Collection Is Already HERE

It might be time for Christmas in July, but Halloween is almost two months closer than the real Christmas holiday and you can already preorder the cutest decor online. That's right, Target has 2019 Halloween items on their website already and I'm not-so-secretly spookily squealing with joy. Instead of buying sunscreen and beach toys in bulk during end of summer sales, spend your final summer days browsing Target's Hyde And Eek! Boutique filled to the brim with Halloween costumes, decor, and more.

If you've found yourself longing for the return of cool, crisp weather so that you can ditch the teeny bikini and don your oh-so-comfortable Ugg boots and knit scarf, you're probably not alone. Pop Sugar reported that Instagram account @lifestylecollector posted a preview of Target's new Halloween collection on July 15 that has everyone buzzing about their ghoulish goodies.

While it's not quite yet time for the return of the PSL, you can catch so many fall feels while shopping for Halloween supplies online at Target right now. Target's Hyde And Eek! Boutique currently boasts 39 pages of items essential to celebrating the beloved fall holiday. Many of the spooktacular deals are currently available for pre-order and are set to ship at the end of August, so that they will arrive in plenty of time for you to decorate for the fall season.

Some items are still marked with a "coming soon" tag and not available for pre-order quite yet, but you can still gaze longingly at the orange, yellow, purple, and black-hued decor any time you need a little fall-flavored pick-me-up while it's scorching hot outside and you're knee-deep in back-to-school shopping madness.

And if you're a planner like me, you might even get your kids in on the Halloween shopping action and let them look ahead to see what costumes they might like to choose this year. Most costumes are already ready for shipping, so your little ones can don their Moana or Buzz Lightyear costumes anytime between now and the ultimate dress-up holiday. Having a few costumes on hand may even help entertain your little ones on the few dog days of summer you have left.

Whether you're looking for decor that is scary or super cute, Target has you covered with their assortment of Halloween items to help keep your home looking haunted and haute this fall no matter what your style preferences are. If you're into gardening, the Hyde And Eek! Boutique features a line called Ghoulish Garden that boasts artificial plants like creepy succulents and pumpkins with Halloween flare.

If you happen to be throwing a Halloween party, you can deck out your festive affair with decor from Target's Moonlight Bash line, which features pre-strung LED lights in black, green, and purple, spiderweb tablecloths, skeleton table toppers, and more. There are even several unique wreaths in the collection with Halloween themes that you can hang indoors or out.

Whether you go all out decorating your home with skulls and witches' brooms for Halloween, or keep it more laid back with just a few precious pumpkins, this early look at Target's Halloween decor will have you watching Hocus Pocus on repeat and counting down the days to October 31. (It's actually 107, in case you were wondering.)