Target & FAO Schwarz Launched A New Toy Line With A Dance-On Piano For $39.99

Blame it on the 1988 movie Big, but for many of us children of the late '80s/early '90s, FAO Schwarz represents the gold standard of toy stores. For more than 160 years FAO has been making kids' dreams come true with creative items sold at incredible brick-and-mortar stores. Now it's extending that magic to Target for a partnership like no other. FAO Schwarz and Target have teamed up on a new 70-piece toy collection designed for all ages at bargain prices.

First, the question on everybody's minds: does this dream team campaign include a giant piano mat you can dance on a la Tom Hanks? Yes, it does. And at the shockingly low price of $39.99. But that’s not all you’ll soon be able to find in Target stores and online. For the budding magician in your life, there’s an FAO Schwarz Magic Box of Secrets kit. For the mini Mary Cassatt, an FAO Schwarz Marvin's Magic Drawing Board. And for the future Project Runway participant, an FAO Schwarz Design Your Own Purse Set. Even better? All of these items are less than $25.

More than anything, this smart pre-holiday toy collab is great because the website divides up all the items by age, so you can scratch stress-scrolling off your list. Now all you need to do is use the filter tool to drill down to price range and you can easily find something affordable for the kids in your life. To give you a taste, here are a few awesome toys that caught our eye.

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Includes everything you need to make four different science experiments: A baking soda, vinegar and plastic model volcano, a "goop kit" to make one slippery, sticky slime and one doughy slime, and a chalk block and chisel to excavate real gemstones.

Learn the fundamentals of engineering when you build your own race trike from the wheels up. Building your own race trike is a fun way to learn basic engineering (and you can even construct a wireless controller). The race trike can hits surprisingly high speeds and pull a 180-degree turns (buy both frequencies to build and race with friends).

Cute and cozy headphone with soft plush ear cups, these headphones make listening to everything from music to your remote school teacher more fun. They also come with a 5-ft. cord with a standard 3.5mm aux audio jack, compatible with most devices.

Including washable glow markers in six bright neon colors, this screen is super easy to clean, plus a built-in kickstand and wall mount make it easy to show off your kid's day glow masterpiece.

FAO quality on a budget? This toy collection is almost as cool as being able to play chopsticks with your feet.