Target's 2020 Halloween Line Is Here & Ready To Pre-Order, OH MY GHOUL

I'm going to go ahead and preface this by saying that fall decor shopping in the middle of our pandemic summer is the pick-me-up I didn't know I needed. Target's Halloween 2020 decorations are already available to order online, and I would not blame you one bit if you turned on Hocus Pocus and filled your virtual cart to the brim.

Instead of just dreaming of the not-so-distant future when you can stroll through the crisp fall air with a PSL in hand, go ahead and start planning the epic decor you'll flaunt this Halloween season by ordering new ghoulish goodies straight from Target's website. You can browse page after page of tricks, treats, and spooktacular deals on Target's Hyde And Eek! Boutique where you'll find plenty of new monster-worthy merch to get you ready for the scariest season of them all.

This year's selection is going to transform your home into the ultimate Halloween haunt. Snag a unicorn skeleton for your daughter's nightstand, hang glow-in-the-dark spiderwebs in your entryway, and put a customizable write-on Halloween frame right on the kitchen counter to let everyone in your house know that it's officially time to play the song "This Is Halloween" on repeat.

With a variety of both indoor and outdoor decor available, you can most definitely deck your outdoor space with hauntingly stylish hanging lights, creep out your neighbors with scary yard decor, or even just let the entire world know how much you love the holiday by putting a Halloween-themed wreath right on your front door.

Even if your Halloween decoration style leans a little less-than-spooky, you can find plenty of fun pumpkin-themed decor to help you celebrate fall at Target. From decorative harvest pumpkins with hand-painted details and a glittery stem to a trio of fabric bird figurines that look like they're ready to serenade me with a friendly trick-or-treating tune, there's something for everyone.

Much of the new Hyde And Eek! Boutique items are available for pre-order only, with a release date set for late August, so you can pre-order costumes, decor, and more, and rest-assured they'll arrive well before it's officially time for fall festivities to begin.

Some of Target's more popular pre-order Halloween decorations are already marked as sold out. Remember last year's rush on the cutest skull, cat, and ghost-themed succulent holders? Well, Target does have new Halloween succulents available this year, but several of the impossibly adorable new styles are already sold out. It's possible Target will re-stock at some point, but there are a handful of the trendy garden plants available in black cat, pumpkin, and ghost-themed planters that are simply marked "coming soon" to keep an eye on for when pre-orders may become available.

There are a mere 103 more days until the spookiest night of the year (not that I'm counting or anything), and the time for decoration shopping us upon us. Whether you want to scare away all of the neighborhood kids scoping out the house with the full-sized candy bars (because clearly, that's not the house with the giant creepy clown inflatable out front) or you actually want to create a pretty, inviting stoop that first-time trick-or-treaters can confidently waltz right up to, Target's 2020 Halloween decor selection has you covered.