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Literally Everyone's Waiting For Target's Halloween Decor To Hit Actual Store Shelves

It's the most wonderful time of the year, and no, it's not Christmas. 'Tis the season of witches and wizards, spooks and specters, and best of all, Halloween home decor. Target Halloween decor never disappoints, and this year, they're coming to snatch your bride-of-Frankenstein wigs with their on-trend themes. But when will Target's Halloween line be in stores?

This week, people on Twitter seriously cannot wait for this store's spooky merchandise to appear on shelves. They've tweeted the store directly in search of answers. They've called their local Target to check on the Halloween shipments while actively not preparing for a hurricane. They've gone as far as building emoji summoning circles because no other store can satisfy their decor needs.

Alas, for the time being, Target isn't providing a firm date on when ghouls and goblins can flock into stores and gather their wares. Until then, you can browse their Halloween costumes and decor selection online. Prepare to treat yourself and trick your paycheck, because this year's merch is possibly the spookiest, cutest, coolest ever.

For starters, Target's Ghoulish Garden collection is perfect for plant lovers who want to transition their obsession with flora into the fall. The Creepy Terrarium houses two bloodthirsty (yet adorable?) carnivorous plants, one creepy peeping poppy, and the skull and bones of their latest victim. Honestly, these little guys ought to stay on display year-round.

In need of Halloween party centerpieces? Fear thee not! Peeping poppy bouquets in urn-shaped vases are perfect for a spooky tablescape. For decor that will unsettle your guests' souls, perhaps opt for a staring succulent, which comes potted in a black, thorny pumpkin.

Also worth a browse is the Moonlight Bash section, a totally new take on Halloween decor. This theme is all about a spooky rave party, which, naturally, couldn't go down without a good DJ. Target's animated skeleton DJ moves, calls out to the crowd, and spins records as well as any mortal emcee. Don't forget some skeleton rock hand candle holders for your tables! An animated boombox monster adds to the theme of music gone mad with his angry eyebrows, blinking speaker eyes, and funky tunes.

If you're more into the classic orange and black color palette of Halloween, the Pumpkin Parlour collection is for you. Any house handing out candy needs a cute wreath. Target's orange and black yarn wreath looks handmade without the hassle, and features a graveyard scene with bats without being too scary. It's a piece you can use again and again, year after year.

Complement the orange, black, and yarn feel with a pair of fabric vultures perched on your fireplace mantle. And since candy is a crucial part of the holiday, you'll need a candy dish. A classic smiling Jack-O-Lantern is right on theme, and this little pumpkin adds some Halloween spirit to just about any room. You could also turn an old-timey potions wagon into a candy vessel.

While Target obviously steals hearts with their Halloween interior decor, don't forget that they have just as many outdoor decorations, too. Whether you choose a few key items or adorn every corner of your haunted home, you're sure to find something you love in Target's aisles. You know, once the goods finally get there.