Target Will Show A Never-Before-Seen 'PAW Patrol' Episode, So Mark Your Calendars

Every generation of small children has their own particular television obsession. Most millennials certainly remember Barney & Friends, Teletubbies, and Blues Clues. Of course, back then the only way a person could catch their favorite kid show was to watch it on cable or maybe go to one of those live shows which tended towards the surreal. These days, kids have options for optimal viewing experience. Adding to these prime options, Target just announced that it'll be offering a never-before-seen screening of PAW Patrol, because this is the world our kids live in and they're basically the luckiest people ever.

Anyone who has had any sort of contact with a child under the age of 6 is well-versed in Nickelodeon's PAW Patrol lore, but for those of you who don't know; it's a juggernaut. A simple story of a young boy named Ryder — who drives a jet ski and lives in a glass tower looking down over the rest of us mere mortals — who has seemingly put five puppies in charge of the well-being of every resident of the town below. In almost every episode, the story follows Marshall, Rubble, Chase, Rocky, Zuma, and Skye (let's be honest; it's generally all on Chase) as they rescue a drowning kitten or patch up a sinking boat. Kids all over the planet are in absolute thrall with the show — watching it on repeat on Netflix, wearing PAW Patrol pajamas, and just going glassy-eyed when they hear the theme song.

And now, kids will have one day to watch an exclusive new episode at Target. Because everyone's dreams sometimes come true.

According to a press release from Target, most stores will be screening a never-before-seen episode of PAW Patrol between 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 28 in conjunction with several other pre-Halloween events. The press release explains:

Watch a never-before-seen episode of PAW Patrol — only at Target. Kick off your Halloween festivities at Target. We’re hosting Trick-or-Treat events at most Target stores (excluding small-format stores) ... Break out the kids’ costumes and join us for fun, trick-or-treating stations and giveaways throughout the store — plus an extra-special treat. In our electronics area, we’ll have our wall of TVs playing an exclusive, never-before-seen episode of PAW Patrol: “Pirate Pups to the Rescue.”

So parents and caregivers, fair warning: in a few weeks, as Halloween mania reaches a fever pitch in your household, you'll have the chance to take the kids to Target for an afternoon. Enjoy someone else coming up with fun craft ideas, sit the kids down in front of an episode of PAW Patrol they definitely will not have already seen (guaranteeing you a least 20 minutes of enraptured, spellbound silence). Oh... and you can also go shopping at Target. Which is handy because Target is also offering pirate-themed PAW Patrol action gift sets for sale that will keep your sweet little one occupied even when you return home.

High-fives all around.

The exclusive screening of a new PAW Patrol episode isn't the only pup-themed event Target has up its sleeve; the department store chain has also launched a PAW Patrol Road Tour to visit eight of its stores across the country. Kids can pre-register for a character meet-and-greet, enjoy family-friendly games and more. The PAW Patrol crew will be visiting Georgia, Florida, Texas, and California throughout the month; check here for tour dates.

PAW Patrol might get on some parents' nerves. But the reality is, your kid probably loves it. And if we're being honest, it probably buys you a little peace and quiet. So watching a new episode of PAW Patrol during a trick-or-treating event at Target really doesn't sound like the worst way to spend a Saturday, does it?

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