OK, These Pools From Target Are *So* Much Cuter Than The Plastic Pools Of Your Youth

Back in my day (get off my lawn), we had those horrible vinyl kiddie pools with the walls that would never ever stay up, no matter how much water you put in there. And if you didn’t have that, you had those really hard blue plastic ones that would sit in your backyard and accumulate mosquitoes if you forgot to drain it between uses. Our children won’t have to “suffer” summer with those eyesore (and not very functional) pools ever again thanks to Target. The Minnidip Pools are Target’s $40 designer inflatable pools and they’re as functional as they are pretty to look at.

Is there no shame in your “I'm extra and I don't care who knows it” game? Head over to Target and get one of these Minnidip Pools for just $40. That beats paying ticket prices for a water park or a community pool. According to the description, these pools will fit up to three adults. That, I’m not so sure, but it is 5.5 feet wide and 1.5 feet tall — perfect for your kids ages 6 and up. These pools were “designed in Chicago by Emily Vaca of La Vaca … and they create an organic paradise inspired by colorful paper art.” How a pool can be organic, or why you would care if it was beats me. But whatever keeps you cool, right?


And unlike those terrible blue plastic pools I was talking about earlier, these modern inflatable pools are made of "premium soft-touch non-toxic vinyl." Ooh la la.

Want to add a touch of whimsy to your backyard? There's even a pool that looks like a donut, y'all. But that designer inflatable pool is on the official La Vaca website and it's $60. But Target has watermelons, lemons, and banana leaves among the water color, "Dipped in Ink" and "Fresh Cut" designs for just $40. One mom on Twitter said the Minnidip Pool saved her sanity one summer, and boy did her children look picturesque and fashionable while playing in this gorgeously designed inflatable pool.

Obviously, these pools aren't just for kids, so be sure to grab one for your next summer barbecue or outdoor party. Or even for your wedding, as Harness Magazine reported in their article about women leaders in the wedding planning industry.

Emily La Vaca's brand "is a celebration lifestyle brand and creative 'designhouse' that specializes in product design, content creation, style, and branding," according to La Vaca's website. What started as a lifestyle and design blog, La Vaca's Sugar & Gold took off, and she created her first product, the Minnidip, which allowed her to leave her full-time job and focus on her own company. How cool is that?


So support a fellow badass woman and purchase your own Minnidip designer inflatable pool. And even if it's just for yourself to sit in and sip margaritas when it gets hot, there's absolutely no judgement. You definitely don't need kids to get in on the fun of these pools and to go "minnidipping" in style.