Target’s Baby Clothing Subscription Boxes Are *Finally* Back In Stock

Sometimes shopping is genuinely fun. If you grab yourself a delicious coffee and have hours to wander through the aisles, picking through the latest styles and maybe even hitting the dressing room. In other words, shopping without kids is fun. Shopping with kids is pretty much the best way to totally ruin your day, in my humble opinion. Which is why it's such great news that Target's baby clothing subscription boxes are finally back in stock. Because you know you want some adorable clothes for your kids; you just don't want to bring them to the store with you, right?

Ever since Target launched their new clothing brand, Cat & Jack, back in the summer of 2016, their kids clothing has been extra adorable. Not to mention affordable. The only problem was that sometimes you had to physically go in the store and pick the clothing out, and people with babies were probably like, pass. Thankfully, the internet is a thing but also baby clothing subscription boxes. In February, Target launched a wildly popular baby clothing subscription box, packed with six or seven clothing items from Cat & Jack, like teeny-tiny baby rompers and pint-sized chino pants in whatever size you needed. And let's not forget that a surprise item was included to complete the outfits. Now when I say the baby clothing subscription boxes were popular, I mean crazy popular. Like if baby subscription boxes were a high school, the Target version was basically Regina George, but probably much nicer. They sold out super quickly, and people who didn't manage to get in during that first round were naturally pretty disappointed.

Those people out there who missed out on round one of the baby clothing subscription boxes will be pumped to find out they've returned for round two... just in time for summer. And we all know that summer clothing is the cutest kind of clothing, especially on babies, right? The Cat & Jack baby clothing subscription boxes are available to be ordered online at Target for $40 per box while supplies last, which is actually pretty cheap considering there are other baby clothing subscription boxes that sell for around $70, like the Gap version.

Cat & Jack Baby Outfit Box Subscription, Target

Senior vice president of apparel and accessories Michelle Wlazlo at Target said in a statement on the company website:

We’re always looking for ways to make shopping Target more convenient for guests, and our subscription boxes are one way to do that. Since the limited-quantity box sold out so quickly the first time around, we’re expanding the program so more parents will have the chance to get their hands on the special assortment.

So here's how it works for any baby subscription box newbies out there; you sign up to subscribe for boxes of baby clothing that will ship out to you four times per year. The clothing will automatically come in the next size up for each quarter; so if you order your first box to come in size 3-6 months, the next box will come in size 6-9 months. Of course, you can always change the size parameters if your baby is having a weird growth spurt or something. And if something comes in the box that wasn't really your taste, you can bring it back to Target with your receipt for store credit. The boxes come in seven sizes, ranging from newborn to 24 months, so you'll have lots of options.

As someone with big children, I will admit I am completely jealous of parents who get to partake in the baby clothing subscription box program at Target. Maybe I'll just order it and give it to friends as a present before rummaging through it myself. That seems incredibly altruistic of me.