I'm 8 Months Pregnant & Here's What I'm Getting At Target's Big Baby Sale

I'm a first-time mom preparing to meet my daughter this April, and while I knew we'd have a long shopping list to prepare for her arrival, I was shocked when I actually wrote everything out. Clothes, diapers, and a crib? Duh. Snot suckers and breast milk bags? Hadn't thought of those. Naturally, my husband and I have been hunting for deals, and right now Target has them. These are some of the best deals at Target's big baby sale running February 24 to March 2, and the items you can currently find in this expecting mama's cart.

My general philosophy while preparing for baby (well, my goal) has been to avoid paying full price for anything. While I've loaded up our baby registry with everything I think we'll likely need, I refuse to miss out on a good sale while waiting for a kind friend or relative to graciously gift a certain item to us. Some of the items in Target's big baby sale are marked down individually, while others are included in a few sweet deals. Here are the highlights:

Whether you just need a few things or are on a mission to outfit an entire nursery, some of these deals are really too good to pass on.