You're Going To Want To Buy All Of Target's Dr. Seuss Kids' Clothes

by Jen McGuire

Are you one of those parents who buys your kids a Valentine's Day present? Or maybe you are someone who simply in the market for some new kids' clothes and maybe you're thinking you want something a little out of the ordinary. Maybe you're tired of the never-ending superhero/cartoom/princess/infant shark t-shirts and such your kids tend to wear. Maybe you want their clothes to represent something with meaning and significance to the childhood you hope they have. Fortunately, Target's new Dr. Seuss children's clothing line will totally have you covered. Because Dr. Seuss has it all, right? The sweetness, the rhyming, the stories... and the style.

Because Target loves you and wants you to have nice things, there is a new line of Dr. Seuss-inspired clothing out just in time for Valentine's Day. Or really, just any day. Like a rainy Saturday when all you want to do is grab a coffee and wander up and down the aisles. At least now you know what to look for; sweet Dr. Seuss clothing for your kids. But you have to hurry because the special line is available online and in stores for a limited time. It'll only be available from now until Dr. Seuss' birthday on Mar. 2, which weirdly makes me want to cry. Maybe I'm just thinking about these t-shirts inspired by one of my favorite books, Oh The Places You'll Go. That's usually enough to get the old waterworks flowing.

So as if it wasn't enough that Target has a new clothing line for Seuss fans, which is everyone who was ever a child as far as I'm concerned, the prices are super reasonable. They range from $6 to $25, which means you can do a bit of a mix-and-match if you're in the mood. You won't have to choose between Cat In The Hat or Oh, The Places You'll Go. You can just have both, as Dr. Seuss would have wanted it (disclaimer: I have no way of knowing what he would have wanted).

Babies can be included too; just check out these adorable onesies with favorite characters like Thing One and Thing Two, the fish who we all know from One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish, and more.

Worried it might be a tad chilly for all of these short sleeves on account of the polar vortex? Relax, everyone, there's a Dr. Seuss-inspired Cat In The Hat sweatshirt too. Sadly, just for kids though. Not adults.

Target is all about celebrating Theodor Seuss Geisel, also known as beloved author Dr. Seuss, in preparation for what would have been his 115th birthday. Not just with adorable clothing items either. On Mar. 2, all Target locations will be hosting a free read-along to honor him and the children he has influenced, according to a press release shared with Romper.

And while we have no way of knowing how Dr. Seuss would feel about most things, it seems almost certain he would approve of this. A day devoted entirely to reading with children.