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You're Seriously Going To Want *Every* Easter Item Target Has RN

It's almost time for the Easter bunny to arrive, and stores everywhere are stocked full of pastel-colored egg decor. Chocolate shaped like bunnies and marshmallows shaped like baby chicks can be found in every supermarket and big box store across the nation, but when it comes to adorable decorations that are both trendy and affordable, you can't beat what Target has on sale for Easter.

Just about every time that I walk into the shopping mecca that is Target, I am blown away by the amount of home decor items that they have in stock. Somehow Target has figured out a way to make me want pretty much everything they have, whether I actually need it or not. Do I need 5 new throw pillows with different swirly, flowery patterns on them? No. But do I love them and want them? Absolutely. And they've managed to evoke these same feelings with their absolutely precious collection of Easter decorations. Thanks, Target.

If you're looking to step up your Easter decoration game, Target has you covered. From seriously cute bunny and ducking figurines that you can use to decorate your shelves and mantle, to wreaths made out of faux Robin's eggs, if it's Easter-themed and you want it, Target probably has it. In addition to their awesome home decor, Target is also spot-on with their Easter candy selection and collection of Easter baskets for kids to use during egg hunts. And if you still need to grab an Easter toy or two for said basket, Target has your back with a current 20 percent off sale.


Easter Egg Topiary Arrangement

This charming Easter topiary arrangement is decorated with speckled eggs in pastel colors that just scream spring. Standing at 13.5 inches tall, it is perfect for sitting in a kitchen windowsill or adorning an end table.


Dapper Duckling

I seriously cannot get enough of this little guy and his velvet top hat. This Dapper Duckling figurine is the perfect addition to your Easter decor collection.


Wood Nesting Easter Eggs Pastel

These bright and colorful wooden Easter eggs nest inside one another, making them both a decorative item and something that your kids can have fun playing with. Each egg is painted with festive polka-dots and striped designs in pastel shades.


Plush Unicorn Easter Basket

If you have a unicorn lover at home, Target has the perfect unicorn Easter basket for them to use this year. Prepare to feel like mom of the year when your little one wakes up to this plush, pink unicorn basket on Easter Sunday and freaks out (in the best way). Target also has a plush dinosaur Easter basket that is equally adorable.


Vintage Easter Truck

Looking to buy some Easter decor that will match perfectly with your home's farmhouse style? Look no further than Target's Vintage Easter Truck. Display the truck with other Easter items around your home for an eclectic vibe.


Spin An Egg Easter Egg Decorating Kit

Your kids will have a blast dyeing Easter eggs with this egg spinner from Target. Simply place a hard boiled egg into the spinner with a few drops of egg dye and press the top button to spin the egg and the color and create a variety of swirled designs on the egg.


Bunny Hat & Glove Kit

What is cuter than a kid dressing up like an Easter bunny? Not much, honestly. While Target does have a selection of Easter bunny costumes for babies and toddlers, this Easter bunny hat and glove set is perfect for kids who are just a tad older, but still love that silly rabbit.


Bunny Lumbar Throw Pillow

I may or may not be picking up this adorable bunny throw pillow from Target later today. The embroidered white bunny on the neutral tan background looks too cute and comfy to pass up.


Gilded Easter Egg Wreath

Snazzy and shiny, this eye-catching Easter wreath from Target features gilded gold Easter eggs clustered with subtly-shaded pastel eggs throughout.


Wood Standing Enamel Letters

Standing almost 4 inches tall and 12 inches long, this wooden lettered sign from Target spells the word "Easter" and is decorated with spring colors, making it the perfect addition to your Easter table or a holiday shelf display.