blue and yellow baby chick easter decorations from target
All The Cute Easter Decorations On Sale At Target Will Make You So Hoppy

If Easter sort of sneaked up on you this year, you're definitely not alone. But it's no big deal if you haven't decked out the house or stocked up on basket fillers yet, because Target's current Easter sale items include lots of adorable decorations, candy, and more (and most of it is available for either delivery or pick-up).

Even if your neighborhood egg hunt has been cancelled and your traditional brunch at Grandma's is postponed, Easter (which falls on April 12 this year) is ultimately a celebration of family, love, and renewal, and those are all things still worth honoring. So pick up some sparkly pink Easter egg garland, toss back some Cadbury mini eggs, and get your holiday on just like always... with Target's help, of course. It's not like the Easter Bunny is getting this year off or anything.

And remember, more and more products are marked down all the time, so there could be even more Easter-themed inventory on sale by the time you start adding items to your cart. From Easter craft supplies to spring-y pajamas to bunny costumes to toys to books, there are countless products to help you celebrate, even if the entire celebration happens in the confines of your living room.

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Northlight 3ct Striped Chicken Egg Easter Spring Figure Decorations

You won’t have to wonder which came first (the chicken or the egg) with this cute 3-piece figuring set. These little Easter egg chicks will look adorable adorning your table or desk.


Northlight 3ct Painted Design Spring Easter Egg Ornaments

These elegant eggs come ready to hang and will look natural dangling from a plant or sitting prettily on a table. They’re tiny too; each egg measures 2 ¼ inches by 1 1/2 inches.


Northlight 6ct Easter Egg Chicken Spring Figure Decorations

Is it a chicken or is it an egg? You won’t really care when you have this cute collection of felt Easter eggs as part of your holiday decorations. Set them up in a straight line, or in a cute little cluster of chirpy sweetness.


Northlight 6ct Felt Easter Egg Chicken Spring Figure Decorations

Move over, chocolate Easter eggs. This boxed set of six figurines are absolutely adorable, especially with the ombre design on their shells.


72” x 3” Stamped Metal Happy Easter Garland Gold

This gold garland is a great way to welcome Easter into your home and give your shindig some extra sophistication and glam. The side loops keep your garland from falling down.


72” x 1.3” Decorative Foam Easter Egg Garland, Natural

Looking to keep things a little less... pastel? This earth-toned Easter egg garland from Threshold is simple, sophisticated, and minimalist, and will complement the rest of your furnishings.


Northlight 12” Pink and White Tinsel Easter Egg Spring Window Decoration

It’ll be hard to keep your little chickie’s hands from touching this totally cute Easter egg decoration. The egg is decorated in a chevron style, and can be hung indoors by an already-included cord.


Northlight 6” Plush Floral Easter Rabbit Spring Figure

What’s Easter without an obligatory rabbit? This cuddly bunny is meant to be a decoration, but chances are, your little bunny is going to claim it for their own (and some serious bedtime snuggles).


Northlight 6ct Glitter and Transparent Spring Easter Egg Ornaments

Glittery goodness that won’t make a mess? Yes, please. If you have a small tree (or even a pretty plant), you’re definitely going to want to hang these Easter eggs on it.


Northlight 5” Furry Chick Facing Left Spring Easter Figure

Easter decorating isn't complete without a chick — or five. This fluffy little guy would look adorable just about anywhere in your home.


Northlight 25’ x 1.25’ Unlight Pink Glittered Easter Egg Spring Tinsel Garland

If you thought that you could only use garland come Christmas, think again. Easter garland is a thing, guys, and this one will look precious on an Easter tree or even as a finishing touch to your holiday display.


Northlight 9” Plush Easter Rabbit Spring Figure

At nine inches, this bunny might be a little too big for your kid's basket, but that's okay. With his weighted bottom, he can always become a part of your holiday décor.


Cadbury Easter Mini Eggs

When it comes to Easter candy, you can’t beat the classics. Cadbury chocolate eggs are synonymous with the season, and would make a perfect addition to your little bunny’s basket. Plus, with their mini size, you can easily add them into any eggs for the Easter egg hunt. Choose same day shipping to get your discount!


Cadbury Crème Easter Eggs

There’s nothing (and we mean nothing) like cracking open a Cadbury Crème Egg and seeing the gooey goodness inside. Score a discount on the 4-count by selecting same day delivery or order pickup. Because really, you don’t want to wait, anyway.


Lindt Easter Assorted Chocolate Gold Bunny & Friends Carrot

Now this is one carrot that your kids won’t mind eating. Inside this magical carrot from Lindt is a collection of delish chocolates any bunny would love. Pop it into your child’s Easter basket, or stash it for yourself after the festivities are over.


Russell Stover Easter Milk Chocolate Dip-It Rabbit

Sure, those ears might be yummy on their own, but imagine dipping it into some delish peanut butter. Now you can with this chocolate bunny from Russell Stover. Break off the ears, belly, or, um, bunny’s butt, and dip away to your heart’s content.


Egg Table Runner – Threshold

Your kiddos will love sampling their Easter snacks sitting at a table adorned with this adorable egg table runner. Maybe they won’t spill their sippy cups all over it!


16” x 10” Stoneware Bunny Serving Platter White

A bunny-shaped platter is a must-have for the holiday. The one is perfect for serving deviled eggs, apps, or desserts for your favorite peeps.