Here's The Story With Those Cool-Looking Everspring Products On Target Shelves

It's not enough to be clean these days, in case you didn't know. There's clean, then there's clean clean, and the cleanest clean is best of all — so cleaning products made without harmful chemicals are as clean as clean gets. That's what makes Everspring, Target's new line of clean household essentials, particularly appealing: The just-launched brand offers everything from glass cleaner to hand soap to laundry detergent, all made with ingredients that won't hurt you or the planet... and all just as effective as the chemical-laden classics you've probably used for years (if not more effective!).

Everspring was "developed by Target’s internal design team as a down-to-earth solution that is up to Earth’s standards," according to a press release. To that end, the line includes 70 products made with ingredients and components derived from plants or "other renewable materials, as well as post-consumer recycled paper" (including paper towels, surface cleaning wipes, and even personal wipes). With natural scents like Lavender & Bergamot, Geranium & Herbs, Mandarin & Orange and Lemon & Mint, there are no overwhelmingly artificial fumes to deal with (products are available in unscented, too); an absence of harsh chemical agents also means you don't have to worry about protecting your skin from irritants commonly found in these types of products. All of this is a sign that Target is paying attention to the always-evolving wants and needs of shoppers who depend on the store to keep their households running smoothly.

“Everspring is a great example of how we’re listening — and responding— to the evolving needs of our guests in a way that’s uniquely Target,” senior vice president and general merchandise manager Christina Hennington said in a press release. Plus, the prices are "nearly 20 percent less than comparable brands" — definitely a "uniquely Target" characteristic, and also a pretty big deal if you've ever tried to shop for natural cleaning products (they tend to be on the irritatingly expensive end of the spectrum).

The liquid hand soap, for example (which also comes in a foaming version), is just $3 for a 12 ounce bottle, while these Lavender & Bergamot Multi-Surface Cleaning Wipes are just $6 for a pack of three.

I'm pretty sure I've paid close to the same price for one container of chemical-free surface cleaning wipes, so that's an obviously great deal (and if you have kids, you know that surface cleaning wipes are essentially life-changing).

Everspring's debut also comes on the heels of the new "Target Clean" product standard introduced by the retailer last month. When you see the Target Clean icon on a product, you can rest assured that item has been formulated without chemicals such as phthalates, propyl-paraben and butyl-paraben and sodium laureth sulfates (SLES). And as if everything that icon represents wasn't attention-grabbing enough, the Everspring products also stand out for their pretty minimalist packaging. The containers have a retro, almost '70s feel, which is appropriate considering the whole "natural" movement really started picking up steam during that decade (never mind that it only took 40 years or so for products like these to go mainstream).

If you're looking to give your cleaning routine a clean, green makeover, you could conceivably swap out all your existing products for Everspring items and still stay on budget. What have you got to lose? (Besides butyl-paraben?)