These $10 No-Carve Pumpkin Kits From Target Are The Perfect Halloween Decorations

The sight and smell of pumpkin guts totally make my husband and I gag. While Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, I’ve always been worried as my son gets older, his Halloween will be ruined because there is no way we are going to be able to carve a pumpkin with him. We tried a test run once a few years ago, and it didn’t end well, let’s just say that. Even the Food Network pumpkin carving shows make my husband and I totally grossed out. I know we’re weirdos, so thank god for these no carve pumpkin kits at Target. Maybe my son Jack will have a happy Halloween after all — without his parents dry heaving in the corner of the kitchen.

There are all kinds of pumpkin kits to choose from, between Batman, cats, llamas, 3D bats, Paw Patrol, and Disney with all of your favorite characters, including Woody, Cinderella, Mickey, Minnie, and Vampirina. Of course, The Nightmare Before Christmas has to be included in the kit options, as well as Marvel characters like Spiderman and Captain America. There’s a kit for everyone at Target, y’all, and I’m sure your kid will be super excited for at least one of these no-carve pumpkin kits. And you know my husband and I are both super excited to say the least — especially about the Batman, Spiderman, and Captain America kits. We’re nerds who throw up at the sight of pumpkin guts, what can I say.

The preorders for the Disney kits are sold out unfortunately, and at just $10 a kit (and Hyde & EEK! Boutique is $3 or less) and how cute they are, that's understandable. But don't fret, they'll all be released by Aug. 22, so you should head over to your nearest Target and snag some off the shelves if you can. It's not like you weren't going to go to Target that week anyway.



With Toy Story 4 being released this summer, it's like there has been a huge resurgence of Toy Story mania — and I am definitely here for it! All you need is some yellow spray paint to complete this Woody pumpkin.



"Impossible. For a plain yellow pumpkin to become a golden carriage...." except for if you purchase this Cinderella kit from Target and spray paint it. It will look so magical.



Vampirina is quite popular among the kiddos these days, so I hear, and she is even more adorable as a pumpkin. Plus since she's a vampire, how festing and fitting, right?


Jack Skellington

Would you consider The Nightmare Before Christmas a Halloween movie, or a Christmas movie? Apparently there are two schools of thought — kinda like if Die Hard is a Christmas movie or not. Either way, he makes for an awesome looking pumpkin.



This vampire Mickey is definitely festive and adorable and will look awesome on your front porch for all your trick-or-treaters.



My kid is obsessed with llamas. In fact we read Llama Llama Easter Egg, No Problama, and Llama Llama Red Pajama every night before bath time while he holds a stuffed llama that his Memaw bought him. Pretty sure we are going to be purchasing this llama kit for Halloween.



Nothing says Halloween like black cats. Poor black cats, though. For some reason people are scared of them — even more so on Halloween. So keep your black kitties inside, y'all. However, this black cat will do perfectly outside and will look adorable on your porch.



Bats and pumpkins, what could be more festive? This kit is pretty easy and you don't even have to spray paint the pumpkin to make it look good.



Speaking of bats, how amazing is this Batman pumpkin? The Knight of Darkness will be perfectly placed on your porch and he'll definitely be sure to protect your home from any evil villains.



And time for one of my favorite super heroes — Spiderman. I mean, he's kinda Halloween-ish already, right? He does have spider in his name. Plus, who doesn't love a good super hero decoration any time of year? And this one looks awesome.