Even Microwaved Nuggets Taste Better On These Porcelain Harry Potter Dishes

If you're an avid Harry Potter fan and you happen to be in the market for new dinnerware, Target's Harry Potter dishes are here to make all of your magical dinnertime dreams come true. Whether you're a muggle or a real wizard, these dishes are perfect for entertaining or for any day that you just want to feel like you're dining in the great hall with Harry and his pals.

Made from porcelain, the sophisticated design of these dishes features the iconic Marauder's Map with dreamy gold detailing that just screams elegance. Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs would surely be proud to see their coveted map scrolled across a fancy dinner plate in golden glory. Imagine sitting down to a meal of Hogwarts Steak and Kidney pie, indulging in a Treacle Tart, and washing it all down with a Butterbeer. Deliciously wizard-themed, right? Now, imagine that you get to enjoy those classic Harry Potter dishes on a porcelain plate with golden Marauder's Map embellishments. That sounds like an authentically festive Hogwarts-themed feast to me.

The 16-piece set includes four complete place settings, each consisting of a dinner plate, salad plate, bowl and mug. Although the set is not dishwasher or microwave safe, true fans won't mind taking extra care when using these delightful dishes. The price point may sound a bit steep at $120 for the set, but it breaks down to just $7.50 per piece, which is completely reasonable when you consider that dining on these dishes will let you feel like you're spending the evening dining at Hogwarts.

If you need more than four place settings, you can also purchase individual place settings in this same ornate Marauder's Map design. The individual 4-piece place settings retail for $40 and make amazing gifts for Harry Potter fans. I can see this becoming a go-to collectible item to gift to fans young and old. Adding a place setting of these gorgeous dishes to any fan's collection of LEGO sets, book box sets, and movie memorabilia sounds like a gift worthy of its own glittery Patronus.

I probably wouldn't serve my Harry Potter-loving kindergartener his dinner on a hand-wash only, non-microwavable Marauder map plate despite the begging I know would ensue if I brought these dishes home. Like always, Target has my back on this one. Their 16-piece dinnerware sets featuring each of the four Hogwarts houses retails for $79, are microwave-safe, and you can throw them right into the dishwasher.

While the house dishes not as intricately designed as the Marauder's Map dishes, they're still super festive and allow you to sport your HP fandom in your kitchen each and every day in an easier-to-clean design. The hardest choice you'll have to make when it comes to purchasing this set is which house you want to go with. (Gryffindor forever!) If you're a Hufflepuff, your husband roots for Sytherin, and your kid is a budding Ravenclaw, you have your work cut out for you. If you live in a house divided, you may just be forced to make a decision for your entire family until individual place settings sporting house insignias are not available.

Unfortunately, you can't just run out to your local Target store and grab a set of any of these Harry Potter dishes. At this time, the dishes are only available for order online at Target's website. This actually might be a good thing, otherwise I would be entirely too tempted to buy a set each time I make a Target run to pick up toilet paper — my kitchen cabinets definitely wouldn't be able to rein in my fandom at that point.