Your Tot *Needs* This Absolutely Adorable $12 Strawberry Swimsuit From Target

There's something about shopping for spring break clothes that makes you feel like you're browsing through the Twilight Zone. You haven't gone outside without a coat for months, and suddenly you're trying to figure out what size your kid wears in swim trunks (since his favorite pair from last year definitely won't fit). Did you accidentally skip over a season or something? Don't stress: Target's spring break styles for kids from Cat & Jack are so ridiculously cute, you'll have no trouble switching right over into vacay mode (it's switching back out that's gonna be a problem).

The truth is, there's exactly one time in life when it's fun to shop for a bathing suit, and that time is generally over by like, first grade. So you absolutely don't want to waste this brief window of time when a swimsuit that looks like a strawberry is a totally feasible option. Now, what if you were thinking you still had a few months before you had to start planning warm-weather wardrobes? Consider this: Even if you don't have a spring break vacation planned to some tropical destination, you might as well get a jump on your summer shopping now. The cutest stuff sells out so fast... you don't want to end up kicking yourself in mid-July because all the strawberry bathing suits everywhere have been out of stock since April.

So check out these pieces from Cat & Jack's spring break collection at Target, but don't wait too long... they're really reasonably priced, so they're bound to go fast. (And while you're shopping for summery stuff at Target, don't forget to give these totally trendy inflatable pools a look, too.)