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Target's 2019 Top Toys List Includes A Dancing Sloth, Pinball, & So Much More

Are you the kind of person who holiday shops months in advance to ensure that your kids have the absolute best of the best toys to open on Christmas morning? I'm admittedly not, but kudos to those of you who are already scouring the depths of the interwebs and keeping your eyes peeled for big box store catalogs in your mailbox with toy lists galore. You are the real heroes, and my hot mess self thinks you deserve all of the Starbucks treats your heart desires in return for your hard work. Target's list of top toys for 2019 is one more tool you can use to arm yourself with information about the must-have toys of the year that your kids are going to be begging for come December.

Target is the one-stop shop for all of the things you need and even those you didn't really need, but buy anyway. They have a bevy of home goods ready and waiting for you to channel your inner Joanna Gaines, a clothing department that rivals your favorite department store, and to your child's absolute delight, a massive toy selection. Wandering through the Target toy aisles is something my own kids are basically pros at, but the problem with physically being in a store with toys is that they want just about everything they lay their eyes on. Asking them to pick just a few to add to their already ballooning Christmas lists (yes, in September) is maddening. That's why I'm over the moon that the store has compiled their list of top toys for 2019 and placed it conveniently online.

On the list, aptly named Bullseye's Top Toys, you'll find beloved kids characters like PAW Patrol, Marvel Avengers, and Barbie, as well as popular brands like Hot Wheels and Nintendo. Alongside new releases and Target exclusives, the list includes games like Pictionary Air and basic toys like scooters that have been re-vamped to appeal to your kids' more modern thirst for technology-forward toys. They've even taken the classic game of Pinball and given it a cool, new look that you can only find at Target.

The list includes toys for kids of all ages, from babies to teens, some of which are currently marked down. One notable inclusion is the selection of interactive Fisher-Price Linkimals. These adorable animal friends feature fun lights and sounds that keep babies and toddlers engaged and learning. And, there is a dancing sloth. Need I say more?

For older kids that desire an interactive toy option, the Owleez Interactive Pet is a top choice, according to Target. The toy pet actually flies, but only if your child "teaches" it how by interacting with it, and its eyes change based on the owl's mood. It's basically like a next-gen Furby that can fly. It's not available for purchase quite yet, but you can pre-order an Owleez pet on Target's website and expect to receive the toy in early October.

Unboxing toys are still ruling the gift-giving season this year, according to Target's list, which includes a yet-to-be-released new L.O.L. Surprise! Amazing Surprise package, a Poopsie Rainbow Surprise Slime Kit with 35+ surprises inside, and a Ryan's World Mega Mystery Treasure Chest. Speaking of surprises, what do you get when you combine Fortnite, a pinata, and a llama? An $80 unboxing miracle bursting with 100 pieces of Fortnite loot, that's what.

Some of the toys on the list will set you back a pretty penny, but may promise endless amounts of love and adoration when your kids open them on Christmas morning. Big-ticket items like the Jetson Strike Hoverboard for $150 and Viro Rides Vega 2-in-1 Transforming Electric Scooter for $300 are ideal choices for outdoor play. For gaming systems, a Nintendo Switch is still a top choice, but the LeapFrog RockIt Twist is a solid pick for younger gamers that is a little less intense (with only 12 learning game options included) and a lot less expensive.

Although the 2019 top toy list already includes some amazing choices, Target's website notes that they'll be adding even more options later this fall. The five additional picks, including new Frozen 2 and Star Wars toys have yet to be announced, but when they do drop, you can find them on Target's website on the list of Bullseye's Top Toys.