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Kailyn Lowry Is Learning To Co-Parent As She Goes

When it comes to co-parenting, Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry has a lot going on. The proud mother just welcomed her newest addition to the family, the as-yet unnamed "Baby Lo," last month, and he joins two older brothers. Because Lowry is not in a relationship with Chris Lopez, the new baby's dad, or either of the other boys' fathers, it's safe to assume that child care and custody logistics may get... complicated. Even so, Kailyn Lowry's quotes about co-parenting show she's totally up for the task — even as it's clear she's still learning and feeling out her own way, too.

Lowry and Lopez were reportedly friends before conceiving a child together, but are reportedly no longer linked romantically. Previously, she was dating her boyfriend Jo Rivera when their now 7-year-old son, Isaac, was born while she was involved in filming for MTV's reality show 16 and Pregnant. After she graduated toTeen Mom 2, she married her now-ex-husband Javi Marroquin, who is the father of 3-year-old Lincoln. All of that means that there are a lot of personalities and schedules for Lowry to juggle to make her family work.

It's surely enough to make some parents' heads spin. Luckily, Lowry has laid out her approach, as well as her worries, for all the world to see — and to learn from. And here are some of the most insightful and instructive little nuggets she's shared publicly about doing her best to make sure it all runs smoothly.

On The Father-Child Relationship

Before Baby Lo was born last month, Lowry wasn't 100 percent sure what her youngest son's relationship with his dad would look like. What she did know, though, was that she planned to do what she could to make sure that the two knew each other. “Every child deserves their dad,” she told RadarOnline in an interview. “I’m hopeful. I’m positive he’ll be around.” Since then, it has appeared that Lopez has been spending time with Baby Lo.

On Family Time Spent Together

Because Lowry was married to 3-year-old Lincoln's dad, Javi Marroquin, for four years, he also has a relationship with 7-year-old Isaac. That's just one of the reasons it was so great to see all four of them hanging out together on a Saturday back in April, before Baby Lo entered the scene. To document the occasion, both she and Marroquin posted pics of the boys to Instagram.

"Saturday's are for soccer ," Lowry captioned hers (not pictured above). Even though the pic featured just her two sons, and not Marroquin, it was a strong statement of unity that they were all out of there together in the first place.

Worries About Handling Things Alone

Before the birth of Baby Lo, Lowry was convinced that his dad wouldn't help raise his son. As noted, it turns out that they may not actually be the case, as she was candid about her trepidation in a since-deleted blog post. "I think I'm most worried about the changes ahead but also that I will have this baby 24/7 by myself with no help,” she wrote, In Touch Weekly reported back in May. “I'm going to be a single parent from the beginning!"

That's a pretty vulnerable statement to make publicly, and it showed that there's sometimes a lot of uncertainty that goes into co-parenting.

On Working It Out One Step At A Time

Lowry and Lopez have been co-parenting Baby Lo for a little more than a month, and they still have some kinks in the apparatus to work out. She told Star magazine earlier this month that that's the case even though things are reportedly going well overall. "We're still trying to figure out what works for us,” she said, according to the magazine. It's a feeling that's surely familiar to so many parents who have been in a similar position of learning as they go.

The boys' relationship with their parents will no doubt change and evolve as they grow up, but it seems like a sure thing that they'll always have people who love them and looking out for them along the way.

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