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18 Thanksgiving Sheet Pan Sides You'll Def Make Room For In The Oven

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There's no question that a golden turkey is traditionally the star of the Thanksgiving table, but the supporting players are pretty important, too — and they go way beyond cranberry sauce and stuffing (not that there's anything wrong with cranberry sauce or stuffing). Even better, there are so many recipes out there for super easy sheet pan Thanksgiving side dishes to prepare. It'll look like you were toiling away in a hot kitchen all day... which you might have to do anyway, but it won't be the fault of these side dishes.

Most of these recipes can be prepped ahead of time, so you can cut down on the amount of time you spend cooking on the day of the holiday and actually have a chance to hang out with your family for a bit. Another bonus is that sheet pan dishes are easy to clean up, once again sparing you from still more time spent in the kitchen (unless you're the type who makes your guests clean up after dinner, in which case you're sparing them the work, which is very kind of you).

Some of these might seem familiar to your family, while you might be introducing your kids to new tastes and textures with some of the other recipes. The good news is, they're all delicious.


Roasted Beet & Roasted Sweet Potato Hash

Bears, beets, Battlestar Galactica... I mean, Sweet potatoes, beets, onions. This roasted beet and roasted sweet potato hash recipe from The Cocina Monologues is fall in a sheet pan.


Balsamic Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Pistachios & Cranberries

When I was a kid, I never thought Brussels sprouts would end up being one of my favorite vegetables. But here we are. And Five Heart Home's balsamic roasted Brussels sprouts with pistachios and cranberries will make a believer out of anyone.


Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Chile-Lime Yogurt

For a fancy side dish everyone will be excited about (except for maybe my parents, this roasted sweet potatoes with chili-lime yogurt from Wild Greens & Sardines looks like something you'd find at a high-end restaurant. But it's really not hard to make.


4. Warm Autumn Roasted Vegetable Salad

So this warm roasted autumn salad from How Sweet Eats looks a lot like my autumn harvest side dish I made last year. I'm sure your parents will like it and eat it though.


Sweet Potato Crostini with Goat Cheese & Pomegranate

Another side dish that looks absolutely beautiful, but it is super simple to make. Wholefully really hit it out of the park with this sweet potato crostini with goat cheese and pomegranate recipe. It's as simple as slicing potatoes, tossing them in olive oil and other spices, then just adding toppings. Yum.


Roasted Brussels Sprouts & Squash with Dried Cranberries & Dijon Vinaigrette

This roasted Brussels sprouts and squash with dried cranberries and dijon vinaigrette recipe from A Beautiful Plate has your salt, your sweet, and your tang all in one delicious bite.


Sheet Pan Mac & Cheese

Now for a side dish the entire family would love — even my parents. Damn Delicious' sheet pan macaroni and cheese recipe is easy and delicious. And while you do have to boil the noodles (worth it), it's still incredibly easy.


Apple Cider Roasted Squash

Nothing screams fall to me more than apple cider and butternut squash. Put the two together like in this Good Life Eats apple cider roasted squash recipe and you'll have fall coming out of your ears and your oven.


Butternut Squash & Crispy Kale Bake

For the families who like to get a little greenery on Thanksgiving Day with their turkey and cranberry sauce, this butternut squash and crispy kale bake recipe from Tori Avey is the perfect complement to your Thanksgiving meal.


Cider Glazed Roasted Root Vegetables

Cider and root vegetables — the perfect combo for any fall meal, but definitely for Thanksgiving dinner. This cider glazed roasted root vegetables recipe from Jen Elizabeth's Journal tastes decadent and special, while still being super easy to make. The apple cider you glaze in a pot while the veggies are roasting really make this dish unique.


Herb Oven Roasted Sweet Potatoes

For a simple and traditional — yet delicious — Thanksgiving side, try The Healthy Foodie's herb oven roasted sweet potatoes. Seriously, how could you mess this one up?


Roasted Asparagus

Another easy peasy side dish for Thanksgiving — roasted asparagus from Taste and Tell. The toasted pine nuts really step it up a notch, as does the brightness of the lemon zest and juice.


Roasted Garlic Parmesan Cauliflower

This roasted garlic parmesan cauliflower from Simply Delicious is so good, you won't even miss those mashed potatoes on Thanksgiving. Well, maybe you can just serve both because this side dish is too good to pass up.


Sweet Potato Chips

You may not think of chips as a classic Thanksgiving side, but these sweet potato chips from Jessica In The Kitchen will have even the pickiest eaters eating their veggies. These work well as a crunchy side or an appetizer, and all you need is a sweet potato, salt, and oil (just try to slice as thin as possible using a mandolin).


Tahini Cauliflower

This cauliflower is bursting with flavor and it’s the perfect light side to complement your Thanksgiving feast. Ashlea of All The Healthy Things recommends drying the cauliflower before roasting and skipping the parchment paper for the crispiest veggie that tastes great dipped in the tahini sauce.


Sweet & Savory Squash Wedges

This recipe from Brooklyn Supper uses delicate acorn squash, and you don’t even have to peel its skin (which is a big time-saver, especially when prepping multiple dishes). The squash gets roasted in a blend of simple spices, olive oil, and dark brown sugar, then is garnished with creme fraiche, thyme sprigs, and pomegranate arils for a bright pop of autumn color on your table.


Harissa Roasted Carrots

Harissa packs a flavorful kick and it either comes in a paste or a dry spice blend including chile peppers, smoked paprika, cumin, fennel, garlic, coriander. Aaron of The Hungry Hutch uses a dry blend made of 12 spices for this recipe, which lends some heat to the earthy root vegetable flavor, that’s then topped with pistachios and fresh scallions.


Roasted Sweet Potatoes & Brussels Sprouts

Sweet potatoes and brussels sprouts cook together in this recipe from Dude That Cookz, which is both tasty and time-saving. The veggies are roasted and a tangy yet subtly sweet honey-balsamic sauce, and the oven gives them a light char that will taste great with a bite of turkey.