The 10 Best Meme Halloween Costumes Of 2017 For The Internet-Obsessed

If you spend all of your time on the internet and are now trying to figure out just what you can be for Halloween this year, you might turn your attention to some potentially costume-inspiring memes. Meme Halloween costumes can make the perfect pop-culture option because so many people have seen these memes, on way or another (thank you, internet!). Putting together a meme-inspired costume can also be relatively simple. They usually don't require a lot of work on your part — it's more gathering items than making them.

Of course, they're quite clever and creative, as well — especially when everyone else is dressed as that year's most popular TV character, movie character, or an old standby like a witch or a doctor. They're good for those who are internet-obsessed, in-the-know (how many times have you had to explain memes to someone?), and, honestly, a little bit lazy too. Many meme costumes can be assembled at the last minute with little thought.

Whether you're going to go as the Great American Eclipse of 2017, Salt Bae, or a certain former president who really struggled while attempting to put on a poncho, there are a ton of possible meme-inspired Halloween costumes from which you can choose. You just have to take your pick.


Distracted Boyfriend



Red Boat Neck Shirt, $11, Appleseeds | Blue Plaid Shirt, $40, Gap | Sleeveless Blue Blouse, $31, Dress Me Plus

The "distracted boyfriend" meme might be one of the most popular of the whole year. All you need is two friends who are willing to dress up with you. One of you should wear a red boat neck shirt and jeans. Another needs to track down a blue plaid shirt to pair with either black jeans or dark-wash denim. Finally, whoever is going to dress as the horrified girlfriend needs a sleeveless blue blouse to wear with jeans. Make sure you master the facial expressions, guys.


Elf On The Shelf And...

Elf on the Shelf Costume, $55, Spirit Halloween | Ruffled Collar, $16, Jet | Festive Hat, $2, Party Supplies | Shrek Costume, $39, Amazon

You've heard of the Elf on the Shelf memes, now get ready for the partner costume inspired by it. One person should dress as Elf on the Shelf with this costume or create your own version by wearing all red with this ruffled collar and a festive hat. To round out the meme reference, have your partner wear another pairing that rhymes, just as "elf" and "shelf" rhyme. The world is your oyster! My favorite options are Shrek on the deck and Obama on the llama.


George W. Bush's Poncho



White Button Down, $13, Kohl's | Blue Tie, $29, Tie Drake | Poncho, $9, Amazon

Former president George W. Bush wore a poncho at Donald Trump's inauguration and the internet absolutely loved it, as Buzzfeed noted. In order to pull off this costume this Halloween, you'll need a couple of things. Number one is a pantsuit. No need to spend a ton of money on this, it is just a costume after all. Next, you'll need a white button down, a blue tie, and, of course, a clear plastic poncho. Hey, if it rains, you'll automatically be covered.


The Future Liberals Want



When a far-right Twitter user tweeted a photo captioned "This is the future that liberals want," it didn't go quite as they'd planned, as Buzzfeed News reported. People all over the internet quickly put their own spin on it, including pictures like a group of people dressed up as Power Rangers on the subway and a field full of puppies. Embrace the latter for this year's Halloween costume. Pull on your black leggings and a black long sleeved shirt and then gather all the Beanie Babies gathering dust in your attic and attach all the puppies to your costume. Boom. A field full of puppies. Something everyone can agree on.


Black Pants, $13, H&M | White Shirt, $7, H&M | Black Belt, $18, H&M | Round Sunglasses, $8, Old Navy

Turkish chef Nusret Gökçe, aka "Salt Bae," became an internet sensation after posting a video on Instagram earlier in 2017, according to Thrillist. This costume screams "last-minute," so if you find yourself desperate and don't know what to do, this might be the meme-inspired costume for you. All you'll need is a pair of black pants, a white shirt, a black belt, round sunglasses for added mystery, and, of course, some salt to sprinkle with flair.


Kellyanne Conway On The Couch



Maroon Dress, $20, Dress Link

A photo of Kellyanne Conway sitting on a couch in the Oval Office, her legs tucked up underneath her while she checks her phone, went viral in early 2017. Conway told NBC News that the reason she was sitting like that was because she had been asked to take a photo from a specific angle. It was spoofed on Saturday Night Live and made into memes that made their way around online. To dress up as this meme for Halloween, you'll need a maroon dress, a bracelet, and your phone. Perch on everything you can and you won't have to worry about your shoes. People will "get" the costume.



Leather Jacket, $70, H&M

In 2016, the BBC Three made a documentary series called #HoodDocumentary in which actor Kayode Ewumi played a character called Roll Safe (R. S.), as Thrillist noted in the previously-mentioned article. People have repurposed a screen grab from the series, in which R. S. is knowingly pointing at his head, suggesting that he's had a good idea. Oftentimes, however, it's used for advice that maybe isn't the best. Dress as Roll Safe in a leather jacket, gold chain necklace, and gold watch. Don't forget to practice your knowing point before you leave for trick or treating.


Babadook: Gay Icon


For whatever mysterious reason, the monster that entered a family's home from the pages of a children's book in the horror film The Babadook is now regarded as an LGBTQ icon. The queer creature was widely represented at Pride Month festivities in June, and you can follow Halloween Costumes' Babadook makeup tutorial and consult their how-to guide to get the look too.


Mocking Spongebob

Spongebob Costume, $38, Target

The mocking Spongebob meme is perhaps one of the best memes of all time. This could be misconstrued as your average Spongebob costume, but that won't be the case if you strike the perfect pose in every photo. I have faith in you.



The eclipse that spurred a million memes. You might need a friend to really pull this costume off, but there is a way that you can do it solo. Wear a black turtleneck, a pair of black leggings, dark sunglasses, and a bright yellow headband. Then, either have a friend carry a flashlight that you can, you know, conveniently stand in front of all night or get yourself some poster board and make rays of light that you can affix to your costume, giving yourself an eclipse-style look. Or of course, you could find a cardboard box, make a hole in it, and invite people to look at you.

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