The 14 Funniest Pregnancy Announcements This Side Of The Uterus

Finding out you're expecting is so overwhelming and exciting that when you share the news with your friends and family, you want them to be just as happy and surprised as you are. With social media being one of the most popular ways we communicate with each other, you are going to need an amazing baby announcement that is so good, it's going to break the internet.

There are so many different approaches you can take. You can be like queen Beyonce and wait till your baby bump is showing and post a glamorous photo of yourself that will shock everyone. Or you can take a more silly approach and post a hilarious picture like Fergie did when she shared a photoshopped throwback photo of her and hubby Josh Duhamel as children.

Although sweet posts are always lovely, posting a funny baby announcement is what all the cool kids are doing. An original baby announcement is an excellent opportunity for you and your S.O. to show off your sense of humor and creativity, letting everyone know that your kids are going to have some pretty cool parents.

There are so many creative ways to spill the beans, and here are some of the funniest, sweetest, and smartest ways to surprise your loved ones.


Other Peoples' Reactions

If photos are not your thing, you can always just post a video of someone's reaction to the big news. That's what @Melomania_ X did on her Instagram account — she just let Grandma Shirley's screams of joy say what she needed to.


Siblings' Reactions

As someone who is the middle child I, 100% relate to this image. Lil Eubies posted this fun photo when they were expecting their third child, and their soon-to-be middle one doesn't look too happy about it.


Recap "The Night" It All Happened

Comedians Aaron Berge and Christine Meehan-Berg told us they were expecting by telling us how the night went down. Even though in this video Christine didn't believe she was pregnant, turns out Mr. Berge knew what he was doing.


Play On Words

I love a good play on words, and the Macintosh family nailed it with this baby announcement that let everyone know that baby mac was coming into the world, making me not only laugh but hungry too.


Baby Cravings

Baby cravings are very much a real thing. That's how Danielle and Kevin Jonas showed the world they were expecting baby number two. Danielle gives into her urges while Kevin catches up on What To Expect When You're Expecting Again.


Celebrity Cameo

Having a celebrity announce your pregnancy will cause all sorts of excitement. Am I more excited that this couple met Brett Michaels or that they are having a baby? Regardless, this kid has some pretty cool parents.



The former Bachelorette, Ali Fedotowsky-Manno, announced her pregnancy while rocking these not-so-cute mom jeans, making this Saturday Night Live spoof one of the most hilarious and original pregnancy announcements to date.


Dad Jokes

Who doesn't love a good dad joke? @Goodyafl knows exactly how to get ready for his new bundle of joy.


Eviction Notice

Loved Beyond Measure Boutique, a super cute kids fashion boutique, posted this hilarious pregnancy announcement. This little guy found out he wasn't going to be the youngest anymore the hard way.


Movie Posters

Movie posters are one of the best ways to announce a pregnancy, Voyages of The Creative Variety made up this adorable poster when expecting their second child, letting everyone know what to expect in the next chapter of their life.


Coke Cans

Country singers Keifer Thompson and Shawna Thompson used Coke cans to announce that their band was getting bigger, and that they were no longer a country duo but now a trio.


Football Season

As someone who is a football fan I loved this baby announcement. Not only does it get you psyched for football season but it gets you excited for this little one too.


Star Wars Costumes

This announcement gets the whole family involved and who doesn't love a Star Wars-themed baby announcement?


Old School Family Photo

I LOL-ed when I saw this pregnancy announcement. @Whereisionnie and @Otisbjames posted this hilarious photo to their Instagram accounts, and it is the most amazingly clever pregnancy announcement I have ever seen.

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