The 2016 ASOS Cyber Monday Deals That You Need To Know About

When it comes fashion, ASOS has truly proven that they have it all. With more than 850 brands, it's a great destination to hit up during the holidays. Of course, everyone's interested in figuring out what the 2016 ASOS Cyber Monday deals will be, since it's totally a one-stop shop for a bunch of family members. And, who doesn't like discounts?

The good news is, ASOS typically participates in Cyber Monday deals. In fact, if past years have taught people anything, it's that they're one of the top retailers for holiday steals. And while, as of this moment, it's tough to tell the exact deals they'll be offering this year, a comparison of years past can definitely give us a good idea of what to expect.

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First, it's important to take note of a deal they've been running for quite some time now: Shoppers who spend more than $140 (which is pretty easy to do around the holidays) get express shipping for free with the code EXPRESSUSA.

Currently, they're also offering 70 percent off at ASOS Outlet, which is pretty fantastic. Of course, that's the pre-Thanksgiving sale. It might continue into Cyber Monday, since it's seemingly tied into their Cyber Monday and Black Friday teasers.

Students also luck out at ASOS. The company is truly promoting education with a 10 percent off discount that doesn't seem to expire, which will be super helpful around the holiday season. Because, well, you remember being a student. In fact, you might still be a student. Money often is hard to come by.

Speaking of the holiday season, last year ASOS offered 30 percent off sitewide with the promo code GIMMEMORE. This was a 10 percent increase from the Thanksgiving/Black Friday sale, which offered up 20% percentoff. Surely the code will change, but it's good to keep tabs on it, and know that a code will likely be necessary this year, too.

Usually, stores try to keep things in line with years prior, so this year we can probably expect at least a 30 percent discount off all of their items during Cyber Monday. Of course, we can confirm this closer to the actual date. But, for now, it's still something good to look forward to!

Keep an eye out for the ASOS main page, since it looks like they're going to give specific details any minute. Meanwhile, we'll be here with our wallets open.