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The 2016 Toys R Us Cyber Monday Sales That'll Delight Kids Of All Ages

Never does the slogan "I don't want to grow up, I'm a Toys R Us kid" ring truer than when you're staring down every kind of toy imaginable. It doesn't matter how old you are, shopping at Toys R Us just makes everyone feel young at heart. And thanks to the recently released 2016 Toys R Us Cyber Monday sales, that childlike joy starts earlier and stretches even longer this year.

Fresh on the heels of the toy monolith's Black Friday bargains, Toys R Us has announced that Cyber Monday is kicking off earlier than ever. In fact, the store needed a new name to cover the experience: Cyber Week. This special savings bonanza kicks off on Saturday, Nov. 26, with "cyber" deals on thousands of toys, in addition to more than 100 top savings available for the first time at Toys R Us' brick-and-mortar stores on Cyber Monday itself.

To celebrate the whole shebang, Toys R Us is offering 15 percent off any regular priced item site-wide on Sunday, Nov. 27 as well as $10 off any purchase of $100 or more at on Monday, Nov. 28. And did I mention there will also be new surprise deals launched every single day? Make sure you sign up for the Toys R Us email newsletter so you don't miss any huge scores.

If you're dying to find out some of the savings you're in store for thanks to the 2016 Toys R Us Cyber Monday sales, look no further — the following are all part of this huge money-saving Cyber Week touted by the toy store as their best ever.

For The Little High-Tech Learner

If you know a child who is drawn to all things tech-related (and, let's be real, what kids aren't these days?), you can indulge their techy proclivities while also engaging their brains and bodies with the LeapFrog LeapTV ($14.99; originally $59.99). This educational video game system features a library of over 100 educator-approved games that encourage kids to think and to get up and get moving.

For The Talkative Tot

Elmo — you gotta love the guy, right? Especially little ones, who think this Sesame Street character hung the moon. What's fun about the Playskool Sesame Street Play All Day Elmo ($19.99; originally $$59.99) is that this interactive toy grows with your child. In addition to eight games and activities and more than 150 responses, Play All Day Elmo includes two modes: Toddler and Playschool, so you can toggle accordingly as your child's educational needs change.

For The Future Paleontologist

If you're looking for a toy for the little boy or girl whose dreams are filled with dinosaurs, you've come to the right place. The Zoomer Chomplingz ZRex ($19.99; originally $39.99) will make your budding paleontologist jump for joy. In addition to its push, play, and chomp action, this interactive guy plays games, snacks on his bone, seeks you out with mouth and nose sensors and can even be made to protect a room in guard mode.

For The Aspiring Zoologist

You've gotta admit this little monkey is pretty gosh darn adorable. If you have a daughter, you've likely already been besieged with requests for this FurReal Friends Baby Cuddles My Giggle Monkey Pet ($9.99; originally $19.99). Well, there's no better time than Toys R Us Cyber Week to buy, because these cute and cuddly ball of giggles will be marked down 50 percent. That kind of savings is enough to make anyone go bananas.

For The Shopkins Fan

Shopkins are to kids today what Polly Pocket was to kids in the '90s — they're little, they're lovable, and no one can seem to get enough of 'em. For boys and girls who are sweet on Shopkins and have already started building their collection of the pint-size playthings, this Shopkins Sweet Spot play set ($11.99; originally $19.99); provides the perfect place to display their prized characters.

For The Race Car Enthusiast

Start your engines and speed your way toward huge savings with this Hot Wheels Auto Lift Expressway play set ($47.99; originally $79.99). Not only does it let kids race cars around the tracks, but it even has two elevators that automatically take them to the top of Hot Wheels City.

For The Gamer

Got a gamer in the fam? Give them something that will keep them entertained for hours on end when you snag a LEGO Dimensions starter pack ($$49.99; originally $89.99.) Available for Xbox One, Nintendo Wii U, Sony PS4, Xbox 360, and Sony PS3 gaming systems, these starter packs come with everything your kid needs to build entire new dimensions with their imagination.

For The Barbie Buff

With two stories, six rooms and fabulous details like a pink spiral staircase with gigantic aquarium column, the Mattel Barbie Malibu House Playset ($69.99; originally $99.99) really is a dream house. Get this — you can even place a real smartphone into a holder to activate the mini-TV in the upstairs den so Barbie can watch while she gets ready. Can this be real life, please?