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'The Bachelor' 2020 Contestants Are Here So Bring On The Roses

We are just hours away from the official Bachelor announcement. The next Bachelor lead will be revealed during the Bachelor in Paradise Season 6 finale special and fans are already chomping at the bit to find out who he will be. But what’s The Bachelor without a couple dozen new contenders for his heart? The Bachelor Twitter account tweeted out a look at potential Bachelor 2020 contestants and there’s no time like the present to get your season’s roster ready.

If the Bachelor himself is going to be announced soon and his potential contestants are already chosen, it means filming for the next season of The Bachelor will be here before you know it. The Bachelor tweeted a link to the show’s official Facebook page with the hint of "an early look at the women who may be on #TheBachelor."

While the tweet makes it sound like these might not all be the next suitor’s contestants, I’m inclined to believe this was the network’s way of getting ahead of any spoilers that may or may not already be floating around the interwebs about the upcoming Bachelor season. Although the entire cast list isn't typically released before the Bachelor himself is announced, it’s not uncommon for the network to give fans a sneak peek at some of the upcoming season’s contestants for The Bachelor or The Bachelorette before either show airs.

Just last season, Hannah met some of her contestants shortly after she was announced as the next Bachelorette on the "After the Final Rose" special after The Bachelor. It’s not clear if any of the 2020 Bachelor’s contestants will be on-stage to meet him following the announcement Tuesday night. But just in case that doesn't happen, here are all of the potential, and probable, 2020 Bachelor contestants.

Alayah B. — San Antonio, TX

Alexa C. — Chicago, IL

Alexis T. — Whistler, BC, Canada

Avonlea E. — Fort Worth, TX

Courtney P. — Venice, FL

Deandra K. — Plano, TX

Eunice C. — Chicago, IL

Hannah Ann S. — Knoxville, TN

Hayley H. — Los Angeles, CA

Jade M. — Mesa, AZ

Jasmine N. — Houston, TX

Jenna S. — New Lenox, IL

Katrina B. — Chicago, IL

Kelley F. — Chicago, IL

Kelsey W. — Des Moines, IA

Kiarra N. — Roswell, GA

Kylie R. — Los Angeles, CA

Lauren J. — Los Angeles, CA

Lauren M. — Miami, FL

Lexi B. — NYC, NY

Madison P. — Birmingham, AL

Maurissa G. — Atlanta, GA

Megan H. — Daly City, CA

Mykenna D. — Langely, BC, Canada

Natasha P. — NYC, NY

Payton M. — Wellesley, MA

Sarah C. — Knoxville, TN

Savanah M. — Houston, TX

Shiann L. — Las Vegas, NV

Sydney H. — Birmingham, AL

Tammy L. — Syracuse, NY

Victoria F. — Virginia Beach, VA

Victoria P. — Alexandria, LA

One thing that stands out among these potential 2020 Bachelor contestants is the fact that there are a ton of southern women. Could this be a clue that the next Bachelor is from Hannah’s season and this was a casting choice to appeal to his former attraction or love for Hannah on The Bachelorette? There are contestants from other states from all around the US, and even a couple from Canada, but it could be a small clue as to which season of The Bachelorette the next Bachelor is from.

There are also several contestants from Illinois. This could mean the next Bachelor is also from Illinois, to make the chances of him knowing one of them and the ensuing drama even greater. Or, it could just be because the casting calls in Chicago had a better turnout than those in other cities across the country.

Either way, it still offers the opportunity for some of these women to know each other prior to The Bachelor. And who doesn't love a good storyline about warring contestants with a former rivalry? I'm looking at you, Caelynn and Hannah from Colton’s season of The Bachelor.

If these are The Bachelor 2020 contestants viewers will meet come January, then there’s even more time to try and find out more about them and social media stalk them to figure out how long they last this season and what they are really like outside of the show. The most important thing, however, will be learning who the Bachelor himself is. And once that happens, it will be a little easier to try and guess which of these women will make it further in the season than others.

The Bachelor in Paradise Season 6 finale airs Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET on ABC and The Bachelor premieres in January 2020 on ABC.