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The 3 Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Thrive At Distance Learning

Your child probably did some learning from home in the spring (even if they just learned how to switch on the iPad), but this is the first year many will be starting the school year off with a distance learning curriculum. With so much up in the air right now, you may find yourself looking to the stars for answers. Well, if astrology is your thing (or even if you just dabble) then you’ll want to listen up, because astrologers say there are certain zodiac signs that will thrive at distance learning.

If your little one doesn’t fall into one of these signs, don’t panic; that doesn’t mean that they won’t get the hang of distance learning eventually. Just as certain kids need acclimation to in-person school while others take off running into the playground, your little one just may need some time to get into the groove of at-home learning. I know as a Pisces, it always takes me a bit to acclimate to change, and some of the more dreamy signs may get stressed when trying to focus on the lesson.

So what are the three signs that will thrive at distance learning? Virgo, Aquarius, and Libra should have an easy time with it, but each for unique reasons. Read on to find out more.



Virgos are known for being orderly, detail-oriented people, so, at the very least, Virgo kids should have no problem keeping their desk tidy and remembering when to log onto Zoom and turn in assignments.

"As the Earth Sign that is ruled by Mercury, Virgos are lifelong learners and deep thinkers. With their ruler Mercury being the planet of the mind, technology, and communication, they like to think in practical terms," Kyle Thomas, pop culture astrologer, tells Romper.

At the very least, Virgo babes may not spend a ton of time dwelling on what they're missing, and their practical mindedness will help them jump into what is here now. "Virgos have a great deal of focus when it comes to a task and can follow direction extremely well," Thomas says, which will help them remained focused while distance learning.

Donna Stellhorn, astrologer and feng shui expert, notes that Virgos tendency toward perfectionism may serve them in nontraditional learning environments, especially if it offers a chance for them to review class material on their own time. "Often Virgo natives thrive in distance-learning classes that are pre-recorded. This gives the Virgo native plenty of time to stop and go back over sections to soak up the details and perfect their answers," Stellhorn tells Romper.



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Both Stellhorn and Thomas were quick to point out that Aquarius have a natural knack for technology, so your Water-Bearer child shouldn't be having WiFi issues or forgetting their password every time it's time to log on.

"As an intellectual Air sign, Aquarius is the zodiac sign that rules both technology and the future. They are naturally gifted when it comes to adapting to changes in machines, technology, and social media better than any other sign," Thomas tells Romper, and Stellhorn adds you may even find them helping their classmates log-on.

Aquarius' ease with technology paired with a love of knowledge is the perfect combination when it comes to distance learning.

"They're deeply fascinated with learning and will remain invested within their studies, as they are also immensely independent and do not have a problem working solo or following through," Thomas says.

Aquarius may do especially well with live-discussions or working virtually with small break-out groups, Stellhorn notes, but she adds that their lively minds can make them prone to distraction, so you may want to have your child learning in a quiet room, and not say, the bustling kitchen, so they can truly thrive.



Libra is a super social zodiac sign, so it may be surprising to hear that they can actually do quite well with distance learning.

The Scales sign can place a lot of emphasis on making friendships and being liked, so having a bit of space from friends and teachers can actually help these children focus on the curriculum.

"Younger Libra natives can put so much importance on relationships it can be overwhelming. Distance learning is a way to ease into the connection with a new teacher or new classmates," says Stellhorn. And because Libras are so great with relationships, their existing friendships won't suffer as a result of not physically seeing friends. This is the sign that will be making phone calls and scheduling Zoom playdates for after class.

As long as you make sure your child is getting the social interaction they so desire, (even if it's virtual or from a safe six feet apart) distance learning should be a breeze.