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The 4 Zodiac Combinations That Have The Most Passion

Some relationships just have that "spark" — the intangible "it factor" that makes you feel connected to a person in a way that's hard to explain. The stars can have something to do with that fire, as the zodiac combinations that have the most passion demonstrate. Sometimes, love is fated.

Passionate zodiac combinations can be a result of the way signs work together, or it can be because of factors in an individual's chart. As Kyle Thomas, a pop culture astrologer, tells Romper via email, "Some signs are naturally more passionate than others. Each sign has their own focus and drive, as well as what gets them motivated and excited," which can actually cause trouble in relationships. "A mismatch in expectations and desire could make something fizzle or just become too aggravating to work." So finding someone whose passion is compatible with yours can be challenging, but it leads to a lasting and intimate connection when you do find that person.

But on the flip side, Thomas reminds people that "no sign combination is 'doomed.'" It's up to you and your partner to make your relationship work, not the stars. So read on to find out which zodiac combinations have the most passion, but keep in mind you can have an exciting and healthy relationship even if you and your partner aren't one of these matches.


Leo and Sagittarius

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As Donna Stellhorn, a professional astrologer, explains to Romper via email, Leo is an inherently passionate and fiery sign, which translates into an exciting relationship if they have the right kind of person to pair with — and Sag's patient and watchful nature is ideal. "If Sagittarius notices and admires [Leo's spark], then [their] fire can be seen for miles." Leo and Sagittarius will have the most passion in a romantic partnership, but they can have deep friendships as well. "Leo must credit Sag's knowledge for there to be true admiration on both sides," says Stellhorn, but if the lion does, the duo will have a deep bond.


Taurus and Scorpio

Thomas lists the Ram and the Scorpion as an inherently intimate zodiac combination, which isn't surprising as both signs are known for being passionate on their own. "When it comes to these connections, there is an intrinsic understanding of one another’s love language and communication," he writes. However, Thomas points to Taurus as a sign that can have passionate relationships with multiple signs, like Capricorn and Leo. So the combination is important here, but Taurus sets the tone.


Cancer and Virgo

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According to Stellhorn, Cancer is the strong-headed and driven half of this pairing, often igniting the passion in the relationship. But Virgo can handle Cancer's intensity, "shifting and changing" to accommodate their partner's moods, ultimately "deepening the relationship between them." Their passion also translates into peace at home, per Stellhorn: "Cancer and Virgo can run an efficient household." A Cancer and Virgo partnership will have passion and stability, leading to a lasting bond.


Libra and Aquarius

A Libra and Aquarius match is intimate and deep on multiple levels, as these Air signs have a similar approach to the world. "There can be a meeting of the minds that allows the two to work in tandem, whether that be toward a goal, an adventure, or sexually and romantically together," says Thomas. "The stars unite specific signs according to their elements and ability to blend," and Libra and Aquarius find passion because of their similarities.

These specific pairings are said to be among the most passionate, but in general, water and earth signs combinations create the most intense relationships overall. "You'll find more emotional passion with the water signs, Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. And more physical passion is with the earth signs, Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. Mix these two and you can get a blend of both emotional and physical," says Stellhorn. At the end of the day, it's about finding the person who makes you happy, but it's good to know what you're getting yourself into.