If You're One Of These Zodiac Signs, Daylight Saving Time Might Be A Bummer

Can we all agree that Daylight Saving Time is the absolute worst? In the spring, we lose a day, in the autumn, we gain one. And all parents gain is a week of crabby children, difficult mornings, and a vast darkness that seems to stretch on for miles ahead with no signs of stopping. If you're keen to follow your horoscope, it should come as no surprise that purportedly some people are more sensitive to the change than others. In fact, according to astrological tradition, these four zodiac signs will be most affected by Daylight Saving Time.

If you haven't ever tried to figure out how your star sign is affected by arbitrary shifts in time mandated by the government when we were still mostly an agrarian society, worry not, that's what we're here for. In astrology, there is something known as "fixed" star signs. Those are the signs most resistant to change, and they anchor all of the other signs, according to They fall in the second, fifth, eighth, and eleventh houses, or more simply, they are your Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius, noted They are stable, reliable, and dependable. However... they are also stubborn, and that unnatural shift away from their predictable circadian rhythm can make them a bit agitated for a while. Don't be surprised if the people in your life born under these signs aren't in the best mood ever during DSL this year:



I spoke with astrologer and psychic medium, Natalya Adaskina, from Brooklyn, New York, and she tells Romper that Taureans are the most stubborn of the bunch. (Being a Taurean, I'd agree.) They need their sleep. They need their routine. If either are messed with, well, you're going to get the horns. "People, especially women, born under the sign of the bull are known for creating the routines their families follow," Adaskina says. "They like an orderly environment." That means that when it becomes disorderly through outside pressures, they can start to feel overwhelmed.

She says that Taureans are normally pretty patient, but if you mess with their habits, they can lash out. This behavior normally manifests as something like buying more paper planners or organizational tools. Watch those Container Store coupons over the next few weeks, Taureans. It might get pricey.



Leos are going to hate the time change and they're going to be dramatic about it, according to Adaskina.

Leo is my rising sign, and since I have big plans to go canvassing this weekend for Swing Left, so I wonder if I should just prostrate myself and dissolve into tears in front of strangers, begging them to go vote? Don't they know how hard this time change is on me?

I digress. Because Leo is a fire sign as well as a fixed sign, this sign has a tendency to go overboard when their routine is disrupted, according to Astrostyle. So if you see someone with forty Instastories on Sunday morning about how America is cruel to do this to its people, and how they're never getting to sleep ever again? It's probably a Leo.



Scorpios are ambitious and balanced. They're normally pretty steady, as focus is one of their best qualities, according to Ganesha Speaks.

However, a disruption in their schedule can bring out their not-so-great qualities — jealousy or keeping things too close to their chest. They're not dramatic, per se, but they are prone to bad behavior if provoked (by say, an unnecessary shift in their sleeping schedule that affects their entire family). If you're a good sleeper, and your partner is a Scorpio, be prepared: You're going to hear all about how it's unfair that you slept so well while they were up all hours with the cranky toddler and broken Keurig.



Aquarians are the leaders of the sun signs. They are the least affected of the fixed signs, but they'll still be a little bit cheesed off — especially if they're parents, according to Culture Astrology.

They're the most likely to encourage their families to pursue their dreams and generally get sh*t done, so when there's a disruption to that flow of energy, you might find that they get out of sorts... angry, even. Although Aquarians will rarely direct their anger at a person if they don't deserve it; they're more likely to take out their anger on inanimate objects or themselves. They might go hard at the gym and beat the ever-loving crap out of the heavy bag. But don't worry, they'll recover quickly.