These Are The Most Travel-Friendly Baby Beds You Can Get On Amazon

Adventurous parents raising adventurous babies may learn to live without some of the finer amenities you get when traveling without kids, but as anyone who has crossed time zones with a cranky child can tell you: Sleep still matters. The best baby travel beds should, obviously, be comfortable enough for your little one to doze in for hours (and overnight when necessary). Beyond that, they should also be easy to carry and packed with useful features.

Some of the same considerations you'll have when shopping for a baby bassinet or crib for your home nursery will carry over when you search around for a portable bed. It may not be built from the finest wood, but your travel crib or bassinet should still be incredibly sturdy and made to last. And don't forget about a travel crib mattress — that's equally important. Luckily, most of the bed options, below, come with firm-but-soft mattresses or padding for ample support. However, depending on your preferences, it might be worth investing in a separate, portable mattress.

This list of great beds has a range of options for newborns and older babies, offering a variety of features that'll make traveling with your family so much easier.


The Overall Best Baby Travel Bed That's Worth The Splurge For Frequent Travelers

This travel baby crib from Baby Bjorn, with more than 400 really great reviews, is definitely an investment. But if you consider how much use you'll get out of it — it can grow with your baby from newborn to age 3 — it's a pretty good value for frequent travelers. It folds easily, weighs 13 pounds, and comes with a convenient bag with a carrying handle. All sides of the crib are made from breathable, see-through mesh to keep your baby cool and visible at all times. Plus, the waterproof mattress cover and crib fabric can be removed and washed. One of the biggest complaints about travel baby beds is that the mattress quality isn’t usually up to par. However, this one is described by reviewers as firm-yet-soft and perfect for a restful night's sleep.


An Affordable Bed & Play Area That's Safe For Outdoor Use

Doubling as a play area with a bar for removable toys that help strengthen fine motor skills, this two-in-one travel baby bed can be used both indoors and outdoors. It has a canopy with UPF 20 protection to provide shade and keep bugs away and comes with a plush sleeping pad, ensuring you don't have to worry about lugging around a separate mattress. Similar to the option above, this bed weighs about 13 pounds but folds up flat with handles that make it a breeze to carry around. It isn't as big or bulky as a pack-and-play, but you have to keep in mind that, while a baby can comfortably play or rest in it, it's not going to offer a great deal of space for toys.


Also Great For Outdoors: A Feature-Packed Baby Bassinet That Folds Into A Backpack & Comes With A Mosquito Net

For a truly cozy experience, Lulyboo's baby lounge boasts a detachable, three-in-one soother with songs, vibrations, nature sounds, and a light show. It has a removable toy bar with room for two toys in addition to a removable canopy for outdoor use. This bed folds into a backpack for travel and comes with a mesh mosquito net that makes it a great choice for picnics and trips to the beach. While it's an amazing choice for newborns and young babies, this bed won't grow with them beyond that stage.


A Lightweight Travel Bassinet That's Ideal For Newborns

If your goal is to get your newborn to sleep on the go — and you aren’t interested in a bed that doubles as a play space — this travel bassinet from Brica is your best bet. Affordable, sturdy, and comfortable, the bed has breathable mesh panels and a double-locking steel frame to keep it secure. Like the other two options, it's easy to assemble and folds up, but its barely-there weight (just over 2 pounds) really sets it apart. Reviewers say this bassinet works especially well for small babies and, sadly, may prove to be a little cramped for older tots. The mattress might also be a little on the firm side, so consider getting a separate, softer one for long trips.


A Solid Bed For Older Babies To Use On The Go

Instead of setting your baby down from the top, Guava's clever travel crib has a mesh door on the side for sliding your baby right into bed. Because of its design, it works especially well for older babies and young toddlers who try to climb out of their crib, preventing any potential injuries. You can, however, zip up the door and use it for newborns as well. Made with breathable mesh, this crib can be assembled in 15 seconds and reviewers vouch for how easy it is to set up. It doubles as a play area (babies will love the door) and comes with a carrying case that can be worn as a backpack.

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