Feet of child in yellow rubber boots jumping over a puddle in the rain

Splish, Splash And Stay Dry In These Highly Rated Rain Boots For Toddlers

Jumping in puddles is about the most fun a kid can have on a rainy day, and the proper footwear will keep them dry and safe even as they splash around. The best rain boots for toddlers are made of waterproof materials with non-slip soles for traction.

First things first, you need to make sure the boot is actually going to keep water from seeping in, because a wet toddler foot usually means an unhappy toddler. A rubber outsole is naturally waterproof and elastic enough to be comfortable for shoes. Most rain boots for toddlers are made of rubber, but those made of vulcanized rubber — a blend of rubber and other chemicals for an even stronger material — will provide an even more durable pair of boots.

Boots lined with fabric can add a soft, comfortable layer, but keep in mind an entirely rubber boot is easier to clean and dry. And if your little one is ready to start dressing themselves, rain boots with handles make it easier for toddlers to get the shoes on and off on their own.

Wet sidewalks or grass can be slippery, so it’s best to choose a rain boot with a non-slip tread on the outsole for stability. Deeper grooves are even better for avoiding slips.

With the right footwear, a rainy day doesn't mean your tot has to be stuck inside. Here are the six best rain boots for toddlers, including some classic styles and fun prints little ones love to keep their feet dry and their outfits cute.

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The Overall Best Rain Boots For Toddlers

Crocs rain boots are a bit of a cult favorite on Amazon with over 5,000 reviews, and it's clear why both parents and toddlers love them. They're solidly made of Croslite, a cushioned, waterproof resin that's lightweight and comes in bright colors, including yellow, green, and blue. Oversized handles make them easy for kids to pull these boots on and take them off, and they feature a reflective logo on the heel for safety. Deep grooves in the synthetic outsole make them sturdy on wet ground, and parents commented they love how well they clean up.

A helpful review: “LOVE these boots. I bought a pair for my 2 year old in the fall and they are by far the best rain boot we’ve owned. My favorite part is that there is no lining — the inside is the same material as the outside. So when they get completely muddy I wash them with soap and water and can dry them with a towel and they are ready to go! No waiting for the inside to dry out. [...] They are awesome quality for the price. My older daughter just wore out her Hunter boots and so I bought her a pair of these. Half the price and just as good!”

  • Available sizes: 6—13 (toddler — little kid)


The Classic Rain Boot That's Worth The Splurge

Hunter boots for toddlers make for the cutest matching family photos. The streamlined, classic design of these boots go with everything. This pair in a metallic finish adds a fun element to your little one's wardrobe, but they're also available in black, navy, and pink.

The boots are made of waterproof vulcanized rubber for a durable shoe, and they have a rubber outsole with grooves for traction. A cushioned footbed makes these boots comfortable for longer wear, too. Even without handles, parents commented these boots are easy to get on and off little feet.

A helpful review: "Omg these are the cutest thing I have ever seen yall!!! I got the 7 toddler for my almost 2 year old. And they are spacious. But not so big that she can't wear them right now. I feel like she will be able to wear these for a while because of the extra toe length in them. Slides on & off easily. Bought these to match my hunter boots. Mommy and me boots lol."

  • Available sizes: 5—13 (toddler — little kid)


This Fun Pair Of Boots For Any Toddler Into Dinosaurs

If your little one love T-Rexes and stegosauruses, try these cute rain boots with a dinosaur print. They're made of waterproof rubber with a cotton lining for comfort, and the non-slip rubber outsole has deep grooves for grip. Large handles on the boots mean your toddler can get them on and off easily, and they also come in nine other prints, including rockets, sharks, and cars.

A helpful review: "These are great! the rubber is thick enough to provide good coverage without weighing my little one down too much. The handles make putting them on quite simple. The design is really cute. Great boots at a really good price."

  • Available sizes: 4—13 (toddler — little kid)


A Sweet Pair Of Boots With A Decorative Bow

These adorable rain boots are a great fit for any toddler who loves hearts or other whimsical designs. This pick is made of waterproof vulcanized rubber with a high-traction, non-slip rubber outsole; a moisture-absorbing cotton-polyester blend lines the boots for a breathable, comfortable fit. These boots also have heart-shaped handles, though they're smaller than others. With a 4.5 rating and over 2,000 reviews, it's easy to see why kids and parents are fans of these boots with the colorful heart print — which also come in more than a dozen other fun prints, like polka dots, lady bug, and flowers.

A helpful review: “My kid would wear these every single day if I let her. She puts them on with pjs too. So I'm guessing they MUST be comfortable. These boots are easy for kids to put on by themselves and are in fact waterproof. My daughter has thoroughly tested that fact. The patterns are cute and exactly as pictured. I would buy these again in a heartbeat.”

  • Available sizes: 5—13 (toddler — little kid)


An Affordable Pair In So Many Adorable Prints

Toddlers who love animals and magical creatures may prefer this colorful pair of unicorn rain boots or fun alternatives like crocodiles or bears. These waterproof rubber boots have rubber outsoles with deep grooves for a non-slip bottom, and they have large handles for getting the shoes on and off. The unicorn's mane extends down the back of the boot for added flair, but other cute options like a blue shark feature an extended fin. Choose from 13 animal-themed patterns/colors.

A helpful review: “Super cute and sturdy boots. My daughter who is almost 2yo is in love with them and she can get them on all by herself. [...] I anticipate them holding up well. It's a win in my book.”

  • Available sizes: 5—13 (toddler — little kid)