The 5 Most Secretive Zodiac Signs That Might Be Holding Something Back

Do you have a toddler who huddles over their toys and checks every few minutes to make sure you're not watching what they're doing? Or a spouse who's so closed-mouthed, you feel like an FBI agent just trying to find out how their day was? Hint: Check their birthdays. It might just be that they were born under one of the most secretive signs of the zodiac, which means that, astrologically speaking, they're more likely to keep things under wraps.

Horoscope fans know that one's zodiac sign is said to be associated with certain personality traits and quirks, all because of the influence of the stars' and planets' positions at the time of our birth. So someone born under the sun sign of Libra is more likely than people in other signs to see both sides of an issue (because, you know, the scales and all), while folks with late November/early December birthdays are Sagittarius-born: witty and fun-loving, but also brutally honest, as described by Zodiac Fire.

So it stands to reason that other qualities, such as secrecy, are more pronounced in certain zodiac signs than in others. And if it's any indication, the other members of my household all were born under one of these signs, and they're so private and secretive most of the time that I sometimes want to scream. If you feel my pain, then check to see whether the people you know share these signs, too. The knowledge may not change their zip-lipped natures, but at least you have the stars to blame it on.

Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

Scorpios practically invented secrecy, for pete's sake. Just as the scorpion hides under rocks and in crevices to wait for its prey, Scorpio-born people keep their true selves well hidden from the public, gradually opening up only with the select few they trust. YourTango added that Scorpios are often thought to be a "total enigma," mysterious to an extreme, suspicious of others' motives, and often craving alone time. However, once you gain a Scorpio's trust, you'll enjoy deep, soulful conversations, and you'll feel as if you truly know each other inside and out.

Aquarius (January 20-February 18)

Independent and free-thinking, Aquarians are also surprisingly guarded, affirmed the AstroTwins. They're driven by logic, so expressing emotions doesn't come naturally to them. Your Aquarian bestie may listen while you unburden yourself over a tall pumpkin spice latte, but she's more likely to offer some practical advice than to spill her own tea.

Pisces (February 19-March 20)

Unlike the practical Earth signs (Taurus, Capricorn, and Virgo), Pisces is all about the feels. They're so sensitive and attuned to everyone else's emotions, explained the AstroTwins, that they're easily overwhelmed by everything from a heart-to-heart convo to a crowded mall. To stay sane, Pisces need plenty of me-time and quiet space to reflect and indulge their dreamy, artistic nature. If that makes them seem overly secretive sometimes, so be it.

Taurus (April 20-May 20)

While Scorpios are reserved because they're deeply sensitive at heart, the solid, dependable Bull-born are secretive because they just don't see the need to have everyone know their business, explained Ohio Astrology. They're not the type to put it all out there if there's no payoff involved — and for Taurus, keeping an eye on the prize is what it's all about, according to

Gemini (May 21-June 20)

This one may come as a surprise. Geminis are ruled by the "messenger planet" Mercury, which governs communication, so they're naturally chatty and drawn to social media, said Astrostyle. But remember: Gemini is also the sign of the Twins, and as such, they're full of contradictions. They may love gossip and networking, but when they have something juicy they don't want anyone to know, you won't be able to get a word out of them, YourTango warned.

All in all, a person's astrological sign can only reveal so much about their personality, but it sure is fun to read about.