The 5 Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Go Full Marie-Kondo & KonMari Their Life

2019 has barely begun, yet it shows clear signs of being dubbed 'The Year of Minimalism', thanks to Marie Kondo and her much-touted method of decluttering. It seems like everyone is tuning in to Netflix's Tidying Up With Marie Kondo and throwing around the phrase "spark joy" like it was a football at the Super Bowl. But, as we all know, not every trend suits everyone; just ask a bagel-lover what they think of the keto diet. If you're one to follow astrology though, are there some zodiac signs who are more suited to KonMari living than others? Surely they can't all be into paring down their closets and cabinets.

In case you've been on a media blackout for the last few months, Marie Kondo'se "KonMari Method" involves gathering together everything you own, according to category (starting with clothes, then moving on to books, papers, miscellaneous stuff, and sentimental objects). Tackling each category one by one, you decide item by item which ones bring you true joy. If something doesn't thrill you, out it goes. Then you can proceed to organize your pared-down belongings in aesthetically pleasing ways and settle down to life in a streamlined environment.

Romper turned to astrologer and YouTube personality Alyssa Trahan (who can be followed via her Instagram account or website MorningStarAstrology) to find out which of the 12 zodiac signs are the most likely to KonMari their personal space, and who can find joy even with a cluttered home.



Does it surprise anyone that the sign with the reputation for order and neatness would be the first to jump on the KonMari bandwagon? "Virgo loves any additional proof that their way of throwing things out is the best way," explains Trahan. "But the idea of 'sparking joy' would make them feel alive in their needs."



"Marie Kondo was made for Pisces," exclaims Trahan. Her emphasis on connecting decluttering to one's mental state appeals to the Fish, who are highly spiritually attuned and love the idea of keeping only the things you're emotionally connected to. Like Virgo, "They love the balance of coming together with their polarity to find common ground between what's real and what they surround themselves with," she adds.



Gemini is one of the four "mutable" signs in astrology (the other categories include "fixed" signs or "cardinal" signs) explained ThoughtCo. The mutable signs are flexible and extremely open to change, so the idea of switching up an organization plan is totally appealing to the Twins. Plus, "they're very much into minimal living," explains Trahan.



Like Gemini, the Archer-born are highly logical and mind-oriented, so the idea of creating order mindfully intrigues them. Plus, Sag is a free spirit, adds Trahan, "and the idea of 'packing light' gives them more freedom to be themselves and run away."



Kondo advocates tackling clutter by category, rather than by room. For Libra, who sees both sides of every issue and can get bogged down with too many choices, there's one area of the home that will do them the most good: "Streamlining only their closets would benefit a Libra in many ways," explains Trahan, "because it takes time away from any decision-making they have to do!"


But These Signs? Not So Much

Not every trend works for everybody, and for certain signs, a regimented paring-down just doesn't appeal. Tops among them: Taurus and Scorpio. "They're fixed signs, and they like to be surrounded by things," says Trahan. "They're nesters at heart, and it's also hard to get them to move in any direction they didn't think of themselves." The homebody Cancer is a runner-up in that category.

Then there's Aquarius, the quirky individualist who's in a category all their own. Chaos doesn't faze them, and neatness doesn't soothe them. "They just don't care about that stuff," laughs Trahan. "Cleaning to spark joy? Hahaha!"