The 6 Best Insect Repellents For Babies To Keep Bugs From Ruining Your Summer

Summertime is officially upon us, which means it's time to spend some more time outside with the kids. But apparently, kids need like a gazillion things in order to be safe and happy outdoors. Sunscreen, water shoes, toys, hats, drinking water, the list goes on. One summer staple that both kids and adults will need is insect repellent. Those pesky mosquitos can really put a damper on the evening if you're not prepared, but finding high quality products for your baby isn't always easy. So to save you some time, here are the best insect repellents for babies.

I shopped around and looked for brands that not only had the best reviews, but the best, high quality ingredients. Some of these options are great because they don't actually come in a spray, so you don't even have to worry about whether or not a product will irritate your baby's skin. Some other items are ideal for baby's because they're used to protect your child from more than one summer villain, like mosquitos and the sun. Whatever you're looking for though, make sure to check the ingredients, and when there are other options (because there always is), be sure to compare products so you know you're choosing the right one for you.